Power Tools – The Powerful Anniversary Gift For a Pregnant Belly

I was pregnant and my back ached something awful. We'd tried all kinds of variations to our sleeping arrangements to see if that would help my sore back, but to no avail! Until, that is, I created a brand new bed from a few varieties of foam. Wow, what comfort.

However, the bed was on the floor. My big ole 'pregnant belly simply did not like to get up off of a floor bed every few hours at night. So I decided it was time to make a change. I'll build myself a bed frame! The idea was exciting, but then I realized what I had to build it with.

You see, we had a nice shop with lots of tools. However, our power tool selection was less than ideal. In fact, our circular saw was so old it threw thrown sparks from the cord whenever we used it. I know I'm probably a furious cat, but I do not like using tools that spark when they run. It does not give me comfortable vibes.

So, my plan to build a bed frame was exciting … up until I thought about those crazy sparks. I decided to forge ahead anyway, since my pregnant belly was only getting bigger, making the bed-on-the floor arrangement less and less workable. I got some wood and sent my husband to the store to get a few pieces that I forgot.

Then came the phone call I'll cherish. My husband had happened to pass a display of a set of cordless power tools – you know the kind where they include everything – circular saw, drill, flashlight, jig saw, and vacuum. My husband said the transaction was really good and he was wondering if I'd mind if he got it. Of course, the sparks went flying – out the window, I mean. I was SO excited!

Of course, I told him to go ahead and get the set and we'd consider it as our anniversary present, since we were counting pennies and trying to be careful with our money. He brought home the set and I was amazed at those cordless power tools! They worked so well and I did not even have to THINK about a cord sparking, because there was none. What a cool gift.

Now I know some women may not appreciate a set of cordless power tools for an anniversary present, but I sure did. Those tools were (and are) awesome! We've ended up using them for so many projects, including cutting tree limbs that fall during hurricane type winds.

I really appreciate my husband thinking outside the box when it comes to getting gifts for me. I appreciate practical e gifts that I'll use lots, but would not normally buy for myself. Those power tools where one of those things. I wonder how many other women would appreciate gifts like that!