Planning For an Autumn Wedding

Attention all you autumn brides: it is time to get your wedding planned! Whether you have recently become engaged or have been planning your wedding for a year, you are now entering the "crunch time" during which you need to really nail down all of the details for your special day. These are some of the things that fall brides need to focus on in the coming months.

Hopefully by now, you have your venue booked. If not, that should definitely be your top priority. When you are working with a shorter lead time, you may find that many of the most popular wedding venues in your area will already be reserved. Couples who can be flexible on dates or the day of the week (ie, a Thursday evening instead of a Saturday afternoon), will certainly have more options available to them. Sometimes it is also worthwhile to get a cancellation list for a couple of your top reception locations; just do not hold out hope for so long that you can no longer book your second choice if your first choice never becomes available.

Another thing that fall brides should be sure to figure out ASAP is their wedding ensemble. The lead time on ordering a designer gown can easily be four to five months, and that is not even including the time needed for alterations. Some designers will offer rush delivery for an additional fee, or you can try your luck at sample sales if you wear a fairly average dress size. Once your gown has been selected, go ahead and pick out all of your accessories at this time, as well. You will want to shop for your shoes, undergarments, and bridal jewelry sets early, so that you are not scrambling around at the last minute. Accessories such as sets of bridal jewelry can often be ordered online for the best value.

At this stage in the wedding planning, fall brides should also have all of their major sellers reserved. The baker, florist, photographer, and band need to be in place about six months before the wedding, if not sooner. If you will be renting a tent or any china and linens, it would be a good idea to make those arrangements at this time too. Do not panic thinking that this means that you need to have all of your specific details in place yet. All you really need is to have secured the vendors that you want to use. It is fine to take more time to work with the florist on the exact centerpieces or with the baker on the cake decorations.

The smallest details of the wedding can be deal with as your date gets closer. For instance, it is just fine if you have not yet decided on wedding favors or bridesmaid gifts yet. As long as you get to those types of elements a few months before your wedding day, you will be in good shape. Of course, if you are the kind of bride who gets stressed out by leaving things on your "to do" list, there is nothing wrong with getting those details sorted out early, either.

Once you have all of the main pieces in place for your fall wedding, you will be able to breathe a big sigh of relief. Make sure that you allow yourself some time away from the wedding planning to enjoy the summer with your fiancé. Just remember not to get any tan lines that will clash with the neckline of your wedding gown!