Plan Your Wedding Quickly – How to Find a Venue For Your Perfect, Hurry-up Wedding

Sometimes you decide to marry in a hurry. There are lots of reasons that this might be your choice. But whatever the reason, needing to do things quickly does not mean you can not have a fabulous wedding. It does mean that you're going to have to get organized and realistic about what's really important and what you can and can not accomplish.

Once you've chosen the date, you need to find a venue. Hopefully, to make your life easier, you have not chosen to marry on a date where something major is happening in town, such as, say, graduation, which offers to leave everything booked up. But then again, graduation may make sense since so many people will be here!

It can be tricky to find a venue, because many of the traditional wedding venues are already booked. But if you think out of the box, you can still have a wonderful ceremony.

  • Get married somewhere simple that does not scream wedding; they may still have availability. Think about parks and art museums. Here in Central PA, you'll always want to check the Fire Halls, because they often rent themselves out for celebrations. And they all have liquor licenses! May be true in other states! You can always transform a venue.
  • Get married on an off-day. If you're getting married on a Sunday, some places may be closed to the public and then available for rental. Or consider a Monday wedding. Most avenues, if available, can help you assemble what you need very quickly if you use their recommended vendors, or do it yourself.
  • Consider a favorite restaurant , if your wedding is small because you're getting married quickly.
  • Put a note on to see if someone is having to cancel somewhere and wants to make a deal.
  • Bargain with a hotel if they have availability . If you've got a short-time frame and they have an empty room, the fact is that they might be willing to make some concessions to get the room filled. (If you're not good at this, someone you know loves to do haggle, see if they want to make that their gift to you!)

Not only are there a lot of options (and only a few of them mentioned here, there are many ways you might make this less expensive. you with flowers and people and food. And then concentrate on your wedding ceremony, particularly your wedding vows.