How To Kill Your Addiction In 21 Days!

I personally know what it’s like to be addicted to something bad. When you’re addicted to something good, like exercise or eating healthy, then your life is made better. But when that addiction is to something bad, like porn, alcohol, or lying, then your life becomes miserable. Those bad addictions do nothing to improve your life.

However, with any addiction, it is possible to free yourself FOREVER from those things that make your life harder. Someone who is addicted to alcohol cannot live. Their lives evolve around the bottle. Same thing with porn (for both men and women): you’ll plan your day according to your addictions. Same thing with drinking soda: you’ll find yourself going broke because you love that Dr. Pepper more than you should!

Before you kill your addiction, you need to understand the following things:

  • You have a problem, and it doesn’t matter why you have it (so, blaming is no excuse!)
  • Giving into your cravings is YOUR choice — you’re not forced to do it
  • You do have the power to say “Yes” or “No” to your addictions
  • Your probem is only temporary — if you let it

It takes about 21 days for anybody to make or break a habit. In this case, we want to break a habit (or a bad addiction). And I’m sorry to say, but the best way to get rid of a bad habit is to stop cold turkey — temporarily, that is.

For 21 days, you’ll make the choice to simply not give in to your cravings. Whether it’s smoking (cigarettes or weed), sleeping with strangers every night, getting drunk, gambling, eating candy, or anything that’s taking over your life, you need to simply stop it for 21 days.

Now, what about trying to “wean yourself” from your poor habits? Well, let me give you an example that MEN would most likely understand:

Allen is a married man with children. He has a problem with porn. And he likes ALL types of porn: hardcore porn, soft porn, 18+ porn, lesbian porn, you name it. His mouth waters at all of them.

One day, Allen gets sick of always giving into his addictions. It’s ruining his desires for his wife. He can’t stop thinking about looking at women naked! His desires are out of control! So, he figures that he would tone it down. I mean, he can’t just stop cold turkey. That’s impossible!

So, instead of looking at the hardcore stuff on the internet, he decides to look at the store catalogs his wife gets on occasions. He’ll just look at the section with the women in their underwear. No big deal. It’s not porn. Many of these women are probably moms…hot mamas…very hot mamas.

Hmmm, he wonders if these hot mamas have husbands who are aware of what they’re doing. What if their husbands didn’t know.

Hmmm, what if there was a porn site about unfaithful wives…

And before you know it, he’s back on the computer looking …

Bracelet Jewelry Gift Boxes

With all the advancements in technology and the advantages of using the internet, finding unique bracelet jewelry gift boxes can be achieved in a couple of mouse clicks.

Hundreds of online stores sell a variety of bracelet jewelry gift boxes that range from simple to elegant. You can customize the boxes according to your preferences, and should you desire something more unique, you can also find lots of projects online teaching you how to make bracelet jewelry gift boxes.

For example, you can give an old jewelry box a totally new look using nail polish to make swirly designs, paper cut-outs, and stickers. You can also remove the lining of the box and replace it with a nice new fabric. If you do not have an old jewelry box, you can buy a plain ready made box and embellish it with beads and ribbons.

Another thing you can do is to use a good graphics software program in order for you to print your choice of designs on a special board which you can then shape into a jewelry box. There are quite a lot of templates and patterns you can download from the internet. Flower-shaped jewelry gift boxes are always a big hit, and if you want something more unique, try the take-out Chinese box pattern.

A cardboard box can also be used as a jewelry gift box. Just cover it with good quality fabric, tie a large ribbon over the lid, and cover the interior in velvet fabric or felt material and you can have a truly classy and elegant gift box.

The way you present your jewelry gift boxes can say much of the quality of the gift. Thus, it may be necessary that you take pains to come up with an impressive design to thoroughly impress your customers.…

Avoiding Wedding Disasters – Part 2

Money. It has been said that it is the root of all evil. If I was not in the wedding business, I would argue that the saying is not true. But I can not. I've seen too many families be torn apart and happy engaged couples split up because of financial wedding issues.

Let me give you an example. Here's a scenario. Mom and Dad are paying for most of the wedding. They feel that since they are spending their hard earned money, they are allowed to do and say what they want. This can result in the worse kind of power struggle for a young couple about to embark on a new life together. To the parents: if you're going to pay for the wedding, then pay for the wedding. Do not expect that because you're doing that, it gives you free reign over everyone and everything. To the bride and groom: if this is what it turns into, I would elope! Or get married in a field of flowers on somebody's farm before you should allow yourself to go through this torture. It's not worth it. Your happiness is worth much more.

Let's talk a little bit more about the money aspect of wedding planning. Unfortunately, finances has probably caused more marriages breaks than any other issues. Do not start your marriage being in debt up to your eyesballs. If you have to charge a few things here and there, that's fine. But make a decision how much you are going to spend and stick to it, realizing that it will always surpass that anyway. Come up with a budget and consider that your ultimate guideline. You will thank me for this piece of advise in years to come.

To family and friends: give the future bride and groom the best gift you can give – let them be. Please be understanding. Please let them have 'their' day. It seems to me that most people use those words, but really do not understand the meaning. Do not try to live through them or dictate to them what you want, for their wedding. If they're old enough to get married, then they are old enough to make these decisions. Guidance is not dictatorship.

As I said in Part 1 of this article, having specific needs and desires written down and explained to others is vital to avoid marriage planning disasters. The betrothed couple should make the list alone and then share it with those that want to help and / or are paying for the wedding. This small piece of advice will actually serve to eliminate most of your problems. …

Hypothyroidism Symptoms in Men – Know What to Look Out For

Symptoms of hypothyroidism in men can easily be detected if you are familiar with it. The problem with a lot of male is that they tend to ignore their health issues and are less likely to visit a doctor than women. They prefer home remedies and natural treatments than submit for a health check.

Hypothyroidism is a common condition in which the thyroid gland fails to produce sufficient amount of hormones which are essential to the body. There are different causes such as Hashimoto 'Disease, thyroiditis, and radiation treatment to mention a few.

Although hypothyroidism in men is less likely to develop, it is important to know how to prevent or treat this condition otherwise it will get worse. It is still slightly difficult to find resources and studies as most of the researchers are based on female thyroid problems.

Hypothyroidism symptoms in men are slightly different to that of women. Since the thyroid gland is responsible for a lot of body functions such as regulating metabolism, men are affected both physically and mentally. There are no specific signs of the disease and the symptoms are usually minor. Additionally, the signs will differ on the stage of the disease and the age of the patient.

Below are the most common HYPOTHYROIDISM IN MEN SYMPTOMMS :

• Feeling sluggish all the time
• Muscle and joint aches
• Gradual weight gain due to decreased metabolism even if appetite is affected
• Dry skin, brittle nails, and falling hair
• Constipation
• Hearing and visual difficulties
• Hooterseness
• Memory and concentration problems
Intolerance to cold
• Puffiness on eyes and extremitudes

The problem with hypothyroidism is that that it is hard to recognize and even some doctors are still not familiar with it. In fact it is usually misdiagnosed with other disorders. This is why associations and organizations fighting against this disorder are encouraging men and women who are 35 years of age and above to have regular checksups. Thyroid-stimulating hormone (TSH), blood tests, and physical checkup for goiter can help in diagnosing this.

There are also men who are more prone to having thyroid problems than others. For instance, those who already had goiter or other similar conditions or those who had radiation treatment to the thyroid and neck are more likely to develop it again. Men over 60 and those whose candidates had thyroid disorders are also high risks of underactive thyroid.

Thyroid symptoms in men should not be taken for granted. Instead, visit a physician or an endocrinologist immediately for treatment. …

Should I Niche My Beauty / Fashion Biz?

I like to think of myself as a Jane of all trades, I can dance, act, write, coach, sing, produce, decorate, twirl batons, and perform cheerleading routines. I'm pretty good at them all BUT when it comes to business I had to hone in on 1 in order to "Be Me For A Living"!

Are you falling in the trap of being a Jane of all trades in your business? Do you feel you can sell to everyone? Do you feel your product / service is for everyone? Finding a niche is one of the best things that you can do for your Beauty / Fashion business & your bank account. In fact, some of the most profitable companies capitalize on niche markets.

If you're struggling to grow your beauty / fashion Biz, you might consider finding a niche!

"Connectivity is the new currency" and your customers / clients are looking for specialized attention in order for them to make a purchase. They want to know you can deliver. If they fall under the niche, it will be easier for them to make a buying decision. Is not that the end result, the goal, the answer to your question, the solution to your problems in business? When you find your niche, you will set yourself apart from the competition and can now cater all of your marketing efforts to a specific target audience.

If you niche yourself you stand a greater chance of obtaining "Supermodel Clients".

If you're resisting this concept here are a few key benefits of having a niche!


You can focus on attending events or joining specific groups that cater to your target market. Think of it like a kid in a candy store.


You can craft clear and concise marketing messages and your "Pretty Pitch" will not run flat. Furthermore, we're bombarded with thousands of marketing messages daily. Imagine what your customer / client sees in a day. When you are clear, you become the solution to their problem. Your message will capture their attention, it will stand out and they will self-select themselves. This is one of the most amazing feelings as a Beauty / Fashion Professional. When you niche your business you increase your chances of customers / clients coming to YOU! How beautiful does that sound?


You can design products / services around your chosen niche that are tailor made to your target audience. They will feel more secure about their purchase. They will be more qualified to purchase from you than someone who appears as a generalist!

Examples of Niches:
Fashion Designer- Specializing in Wedding Gowns
Interior Designer- Specializing in Contemporary Decor
Makeup Artist-Specializing in Fashion / Runway
Hairstylist- Specializing in Color
Food Stylist- Specializing in Deserts
Beauty Writer- Specializing in Makeup Artistry
Fashion Writer- Specializing in Couture / Runway
Fashion Stylist- Specializing in Color
Fashion Model- Specializing in Catalog Work
Broadway Actress- Specializing in Comedy

You can always expand your niche. Marketing 101, you can broad your horizons …

Smart Shopping: 25 Ways to Slash Your Grocery Bills

No doubt about it, convenience foods save you time. But – and it’s a big but – convenience foods don’t save you money. If you rely on frozen dinners, helper foods, kits and take-out you are spending too much money on food. These tips will help you lower your bills and eat healthy, flavorful meals.

1. Plan meals by the week.

2. Make a grocery list, grouping foods by category. (Meat, dairy, produce, etc.)

3. Only buy what is on your list. Don’t succumb to impulse buying or kids’ demands for products hyped on TV.

4. Shop at stores that have the most specials.

5. Use coupons for healthy foods only. Don’t buy a product just because you have a coupon.

6. Roll your cart past “helper,” “partner,” “bakes” and “kits.” These products are over-priced, over-salted, and you can’t even pronounce some of the ingredients.

7. Mix up your own rubs. They take only minutes to make and you can customize them to your tastes.

8. Buy store and less-known brands, often made by top manufacturers.

9. Buy lean hamburger. It is better for you and there is less waste.

9. Drink water instead of pricey soda pop, which is often loaded with sugar and erodes your teeth.

10. Make your own salad dressing. You’ll save a bundle!

11. Make your own granola. Lots of recipes are posted on the Internet and kids will enjoy helping you.

12. Eat boxed hot cereal, not the kind in packets.

13. Buy day-old bread and coffee cake. The bread is perfect for French toast and grilled sandwiches. Stale coffee cake makes some of the best bread pudding you will ever taste.

14. Stores put pricey foods – the foods they want to push – at eye level. Bend down and look on the bottom shelves for bargains.

15. Learn how to cut up a whole chicken.

16. Eat seasonal fruits and vegetables.

17. Buy staples in bulk.

18. Make your own pudding. You will get twice as much for your money.

19. Buy a refrigerated or prepared crust and make your favorite pizza.

20. Use meat for flavor, as in stir-fry, instead of making it the feature of the meal.

21. Maximize leftovers. Make cream sauce for a little left over spinach. Use leftover vegetables in soup.

22. Put leftovers in sturdy plastic zipper bags to prevent freezer burn and waste. Label and date the bags.

23. Turn old bread into new, delicious croutons. Cut the bread into cubes, drizzle it with olive oil, sprinkle with garlic powder, oregano and basil. Bake in a 350 degree oven until crispy.

24. Make your own baking mix and store in a tightly covered jar. (Recipes are posted on the Internet.)

25. Involve kids and grandkids. The involved kids of today will turn into smart shoppers tomorrow.

Copyright 2006 by Harriet Hodgson…

Some Duties For the Groom

The groom (bridegroom) is the man about to be married or who has just been married. His partner is the bride – the bride is the center of all glory during the wedding ceremony, but without the groom, there would not be a ceremony in the first place.

The groom must first establish who will pay for the wedding. Traditionally, the wedding is hosted and paid for by the parents of the bride. Today, more couples opt to pay for their own wedding, allowing them to freely choose the kind of ceremony they want without putting the parents at a financial strain. Still, there are bride's fathers who have prepared for their daughter's marriage, and are all too happy to exercise this privilege.

If the couple chooses to be responsible, the groom must plan the budget with the bride. Once the organizers and the budget had been taken care of, the groom would be able to choose the marriage and reception venues for the style and type of the wedding the couple desires – whether it be a civil or church wedding, or large or small, or intimate, and so on) – and to choose the wedding date.

Choosing a wedding date is not a walk in the park – the groom must take into consideration the preferred venue, after all. The more popular the venue, the earlier and faster it gets booked. When working on a budget, it is important to note that it is less expensive to get married on a weekday or out of season – wedding service providers are all too pleased to have income during these times. Venues that have vacant dates in the very near future also charge less simply to fill the slot.

The groom must also be 100% aware of the guest list. Since weddings are family occasions, it typically follows that the couple's immediate families and relatives are included. Close friends and work collections can also be invited. Keep in mind that the perfect wedding guest list must show a balanced picture of the lives of the bride, the groom, and their families.

Legal requirements are ensured by the groom traditionally, along with paying the church or registrar's fee. Legal preliminaries different depending on how the couple chooses to marry and where. The groom also organizes the wedding insurance.

Choosing the best man and groomsmen naturally falls to the groom. The best man can be the closest male relative of the groom – if there's none, the groom's best friend would also be perfect. Some opt for the latter as an initial preference anyway. The groom will need the best man's help not only on the day itself but also during preparations. Of course, the groom must make sure that the bride finds his best man acceptable. The groomsmen are usually the close friends of the groom.

Organizing the wedding rehearsal falls to the groom – this needs careful consideration and planning because any last minute hits can be identified and …

3 Sure-Fire Ways To Turn Her On And Beg You For More

Do you wish to become a man who can turn any woman on within seconds? I think that it is every man's dream to be able to do it. Although this may seem very hard to achieve, it can be done as long as you know what needs to be done.

The key to turn a woman on is to know exactly what a woman is looking for in a guy. One of the main reasons why many men fail to seduce women is because they are doing the opposite of what women want. Now, read on to find out what are the things woman are looking for, and can easily turn a woman on anywhere, anytime.

1. Dress well. I can not stress enough how important for a man to dress well in order to turn a woman on. Although women are not visual creatures, first impression always count. Do you think that a woman will be more interested in a man who is well-groomed and dressed, or a man who is dressed sloppily? You will also need to smell good. Spray the best cologne of yours and turn a woman on with your strong manly smell. Just make sure that you do not apply cologne too hard.

2. Talk confidently. Women love men who speak confidently and know when the right time to sweet talk is. By speaking confidently and praising her at the right time, you are showing that you are in charge here, Women love men who know how to take charge and will definitely be attracted to them. If you are able to create ATTRACTION successfully, you have already won half the battle.

3. Touch her and talk her into arousal. Touching is always a very effective way to turn a woman on. Once you sense that she is sexually attracted to you, you can now bring things to the next level. Touch her gently on her sensitive parts to make her aroused and turned on. While you are touching her, whisper into her ears and tell her how much you will like to spend the night with her. The key here is to talk her into arousal and increase her sexual desire to have sex with you. You should also learn to have a good storyteller and tell her sexual stories about satisfying a woman and how well you are at doing it. This will definitely make her fantasize your lovemaking skills and let her imagine the rest.

If you follow the above in the right orders, you will eventually turn her on and have her begging you to go into bed with you.

How skillful are you in bed to make your woman achieve the best orgasm that she ever had? What do women actually want from you in bed? Visit the website below to find out more tips to skyrocket your sex life now … …

Seattle Wedding Planner Saves You Time, Money And Assures A Flawless Event

Your wedding will be glamorous. You will be beautiful. The wedding planning behind the glamor will be detailed. And the wedding will run to perfection. Sometimes a wedding planner can be called a wedding coordinator or a wedding consultant; but whatever the title, they should save you time, money and assure a flawless event.

According to Seattle wedding planner, Jacky Grotle of Event Success; these are some of the details your wedding planner will be implementing to insure your wedding runs on time and flows to perfection.

  • Once the wedding design has been established, your wedding planner will keep you from veering off the original design vision which could lead to additional expenses.
  • Keeping in touch with the venue will confirm that all expectations are implemented.
  • The recommendation of qualified vendor will confirm that your vision of style and quality will be met.
  • Budget Assistance will guarantee that you are cutting costs in the right places. Your wedding planner is in tune with your desires and will be able to advise you where and when to economize.
  • Reviewing contracts for agreed pricing and to point out hidden charges or penalties.
  • Creating detailed timelines and checkslists so that all the pieces fall into place seamlessly from the ceremony to the reception.
  • Assistance with Food & Beverage planning so that the budget is honored along with the taste buds.
  • The floor plan is the essence of the room decor. Your wedding planner will see that the room design meets your vision.
  • Recommendations for Tabletop Design includes the centerpieces, linens and chairs. All should be in color harmony and scale in relation to the room size and shape.
  • Working on the logistics takes on many forms. From timelines for deliveries to guest arrivals, every minor detail must be considered.
  • Preparing Welcome Letters and gifts for out of town guests.
  • Rehearsal Dinner venue and evening coordination.
  • Wedding day coordination begins with making sure the bride has breakfast.
  • Details like place cards, favors, guest book, table numbers, etc. are inspected and set up.
  • Assisting the men to put on their boutonnieres.
  • Monitor all the vendors to be sure they have arrived on time.
  • Wedding ceremony logistics are created and communicated for the processional & recessional.
  • Instructing the attendants of their duties makes sure everyone is on the same page.
  • A "Wedding Day Emergency Kit" is prepared for minor inconveniences.
  • Cleanup and retrieval of items at the reception includes moving wedding gifts to assigned location.
  • Children's Clothing – A New Trend in Modern Society

    Modern society revolves around concepts such as beauty and originality, ideas that have been embroidered and implemented by fashion designers worldwide. Undoubtedly, fashion has always been a powerful means of expression, as the way we dress reflects our cultural provenience, mentality, personality, and even our feelings. In addition, fashion has the great merit of combining practicality with aesthetics, and could be perceived as "a pragmatic form of art". Being influenced by many different cultural and social factors and permanently adapting to the needs and requirements of a continuously developing society, fashion has suffered a lot of radical changes over the course of time. During its ongoing process of evolution, it has generated many different styles and trends, revealing traits characteristic to each distinct generation.

    Since the fact that it has created many tendencies and has evolved continuously in conformity with the society's ideals and needs, fashion has only recently begun to pay equal attention to all categories of age. Although they were generally neglected in the past by clothing manufacturers, children nowdays form an important segment of clients in the fashion industry, enjoying an extensive and diverse range of clothing appropriate for their age. The children's clothing industry has only recently begun to achieve a good exposure and popularity, gaining a lot of ground over the past few years.

    As the children's clothing industry was growing in popularity, more and more fashion designers decided to focus their work exclusively on designing clothes for young children and babies. Soon, the offer became more and more diversified, children's clothes gaining a lot in aspect and originality. Supermarkets and clothing stores began to fill up with ingenious and colorful clothing articles for children, lots of shops even specializing in exclusively selling children's clothes. In contrast to yesterday's children's clothes – poorly designed and, let's face it, quite dull – today's children's clothes are ingenious and appealing, stimulating their imagination and building their sense of aesthetics and beauty. Ranging from little boys 'suits and little girls' accessorized dresses to cartoon-character costumes and even superhero outfits, children's clothes are nowdays created to adequately satisfy the needs and desires of the very young.

    Visibly enjoying "the attention" granted to them by the fashion industry, lots of children nowdays spend more and more time looking for the most interesting and imaginative clothing items they can find. Mesmerized by so many clothing models, designs and colors, many children can seriously decide upon a single item in particular! As soon as they step inside children's clothing stores, children are immersed in a colorful and magnificent world, similar to the world created by toy stores. Funnily, lots of today's children equally enjoy paying visits to both children's clothing stores and toy stores – fact that reveals the young generations' interest towards clothes, and thus their inclining towards originality, aesthetics and sense of beauty.

    Seen through the perspective of their prices in general, children's clothes have laately become increasingly more affordable. While a few years ago parents had to spend a …