The Thong – The Only Thing That Touches Your Beach Body

The thong is one of the hottest articles of clothing that you can wear on a beach or anywhere else imaginable. Weaving a thong most likely means that the wearer is not only physically beautiful and also very confident with his or her body. Both men and women nowdays wear thongs although traditionally the thong is used by women to flaunt their forms.

These slim and sexy pieces of clothing are descended from one of the earliest forms of human clothing-the loincloth. And there are in fact many varieties of this wonder-wear around:

Traditional Thong- This kind of thong is certainly the most common and consist of a strip of fabric in varying widths on the rear of the garment connecting the front pouch to the waistband.

G-string-This style is made up of a string of fabric connecting the pouch and the waistband in the rear. It is also called the Rio thong.

V-string- This style is very similar to the g-string, it connects with a single string along the rear that separates into two strings just at or before the waistband or into a small triangle of fabric just above the buttocks.

Dance Belt- This is the thong that's used as an equivalent to the supporter for male athletes, most specifically in ballet. It's job is to protect and support the man in athletic activities without being seen through clothing like leotards.

Cheeky- This style covers a little more area but exposes the bottom part of the buttocks. Some function as bikini bottoms while the others use them as underwear.

It's clear that the thong has reached such meteoric proportions in popular culture. In almost every beach that you go to there are bound to be people in thongs. Getting one can really make you look sexy. …

5 Points to Consider When Selecting Your Wedding Photographer

The followings are 5 points you need to consider when you are selecting your wedding photographer

1 The budget

The very first thing you need to consider when choosing the photographer is your budget. A higher budget does not necessarily mean that you will have better photos or a better photographer. You should never make the decision only by the price. You may want to get some of the photos the photographers taken in the past and see if they are reliable. Considering both the price and reliability will lead to a wise decision.

2 Hiring two photographers

You should spend your money on two photographers instead of one. Two photographers who both charge you a low price can be better than one who charges you a lot.

The reason for hiring two people is that even the best photographer may sometimes make mistakes but you can only have your wedding once. One real case is that I have a friend who works as a wedding photographer. He usually works on his own and in one case there was something wrong with his camera and he did not know that when he was taking the photos. He only realized the problem when the photos were all developed and printed. Due to the problem of the camera, the photos are all in a mess.

In the above case it would be a lot safer if two photographers were hired. It will be really a rare case that the cameras of both of them are having problems. Some photo studios may offer packages of two or even three photographers and you should always ask if they will provide you with more than one photographer.

3 Personality of the photographer

A wedding photographer will need to meet many people and guests in your wedding. His or her personality should play an essential role in order to make your decision. A photographer with bad temper may ruin both your wedding and the wedding photos. Both of you and your guests will suffer if the photographer is very impolite.

You will need to meet and talk with the photographer for a few times so that you can have a rough idea for her / his temper. Of course it is something you need to be careful but most photographers should have good tempers and be very polite.

4 The style

The forth point you need to consider is the style of the photos. Whether you will like snapshots or more journalistic style is totally up to you. However, it will be really a pity if you finally find the style of the photos is not what you like after the wedding.

Making up your mind for the style beforehand is always a good idea. You can even hire photographers with different styles so that you can get collections of wedding photos in different styles. You should communicate with the photographers and take reference to their past works so that you can make your decision.

5 …

The Difference In Bodybuilding For Women

When we think of bodybuilders, we often automatically think of men with large, sculpted muscles competing for titles. But when it comes to the sport of bodybuilding, women have taken a larger role than ever – working to build their own muscles and compete on the same level as the men. Subsequently, bodybuilding for women has become increasingly popular for participants and fans alike.

Bodybuilding is significantly easier for men than it is for women based on one simple fact; the hormone testosterone is responsible for the building of muscle in our bodies. And while both men and women have levels of testosterone in their bodies, men have significantly higher levels. Therefore, the ability to build muscle comes much easier to men. Bodybuilding for women can be more difficult but the results are just as spectacular.

Whether taking on the sport as a hobby or in order to participate in competition, bodybuilding for women can be a terrific way for women to achieve optimum fitness and nutrition. And for a gender that is often held to higher standards for physical appearance, bodybuilding allows women to revel in their physical power as well as their femininity.

Bodybuilding for women – just like bodybuilding for men – requires a strong commitment to diet and exercise. For most women this means a weekly workout routine that combats cardiovascular exercise, core work, and weight training. But, unfortunately, when it comes to this sport some women, in an effort to increase the levels of testosterone in their body and so increase their ability to build muscle, it will turn to anabolic steroids to enhance their performance. The effects of steroid use can be disrupted on many levels and result in a bevy of physical repercussions – including hair loss, acne, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, and, in some cases, the taking on male sexual characteristics.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to bodybuilding for women is that intestinal workouts and dieting will significantly reduce the body fat percentage in a woman's body. While this can be beneficial to a certain extent, body fat should ordinarily be kept at balanced levels in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dangerously low body fat can result in a loss of the menstrual cycle and a number of physical manifestations.

Bodybuilding for women – done safely – can result in beautifully sculpted muscles and overall physical health – a fantastic reward for hard work and sacrifice. …

Here's Your Spring Guide To Recession Wear Or Crashin 'Fashion 2009

Because the fashion world functions on the same sort of timeline as automobile makers. Today's clothing collections were designed many months ago … long before it became clear that the "economic downturn" was actually the start of a real recession.

Clearly, Saks believe the Kiton line has a place in the wardrobe of solvent clients who are being buffed in this recession storm.

Kiton employs 330 tailors and produces only a few thousand pieces a year. Now apparently the Kiton jacket – which takes twenty five hours to make – fits like a second skin. It's light, extremely comfortable, and absolutely made for travel. In fact, they claim it can be crushed into the crevice of an airline seat for a long flight … and at the end of the trip, your jacket will magically be wrinkle-free. And the price for such incredible "convenience"? More than $ 7,000 for an off-the-rack suit … and as much as $ 21,025 for the made-to-order version.

When the 2009 collections were marched out onto the runways of Italy, many designers were parading three-piece suits. Yet that simple vest can add an extra $ 150 to $ 300 to the price of the suit, hardly a "recession-friendly" styling choice.

How do I update my wardrobe without splurging?

This spring, in both men's and women's fashions, we'll be seeing lots of colors. According to Women's Wear Daily, clothing buyers last fall were snapping up bright colors and bold prints to enliven our closets, and hopefully their own markets, for the Spring fashion season. (And these buyers are promising us more than just your basic black for the Fall line-up, as well.)

In the meantime … few of us can afford "excessive" shopping. So what's the solution for anyone having to economize on their wardrobe?

Here's how you do it!

Step 1: Find out which colors are best for you. (I have a few tips below to help you with this.)

Step 2: Freshen up the look of your suits with some of the bright colors available this Spring. For example, get a bright new blouse or shirt, to announce that Spring is finally here. But … it's got to be a YOU color. Make sure it's a color that enhances your skin tone, eyes and hair. That way, you'll wear it long after this year because, for you, it will not be "last year's color", it will be a "forever color". Men can accessorize with matching colorful ties, and women with matching colored beads or scarves.

Step 3: If you must buy a new suit, choose a conservative style in your best neutral color, and simply "brighten it up" as indicated above. Depending on the situation, you may want to wear a neutral shirt or blouse … and pick up some vibrant color in your accessories only.

Here's how to discover your best colors by doing a basic color analysis. Stand in front of a mirror, and drape yourself first with a gold, and then …

Zara Clothing For Kids

The clothing company Zara was founded by Amancio Ortega Gaina. He is not only the 8th richest person in the world (according to Forbes), but also the world's greatest fashion business figure. The company was founded in 1975 in Corunna. Their mother company – Inditex Group (Industrias de Diseco Textil Sociedad Anynima in Spanish) has had little effect on Zara's unique policies – Zara had always been the innovators, and their owners usually do not care what Zara does, as long as it's profitable. Their first store on the main street of Corunna was a great success and the brand expanded to other cities in 1980s, after that to Portugal and in the end – to the UK. Now Zara has shops all over the world, and they are continuing to expand.

The company has reached its highest amounts of sales recently, since its popularity in the fashion world is tremendous. There are more than 1,500 stores in over 70 countries and new ones are opened each year. Zara's unique clothing and accessories are successfully sold to a diverse variety of costumers, crossing barriers of culture, politics and nations on their way to the customer. The team of a little less than 300 designers is outrunning the whole fashion world in terms of productivity, since it only takes two weeks for them to produce and deliver their new clothing to stores.

There are over 11,000 new clothing pieces produced every year. The company holds the productivity record that beats the adversaries' companies at least 3 times. The product assortment is changing every month in the UK, so you can visit the store each month and find that everything is new. The company's newest thing is selling children's clothing. The stores are called Kiddy's Class and they can be found in some parts of Europe; and even there the company plans to expand more.

Designing clothes for children is a completely new market. The interest in this new market has increased drastically over the past few years, since there is a tendency among celebrities to dress their children just like themselves. Of course, the ordinary parents want to do the exact same thing and make their children stand out. Zara products are a mixture of traditional and innovative clothing styles – do not waste your time, try Zara clothing today !. …

Ten Questions And Answers About Fetishism

What is fetishism?

A fetish is an attribute, fabric, bodypart or situation that turns you on sexually. This can be anything and fetishes are different for different people. It can be a scent (such as perfume), hair, an attribute, clothing (high heels for example) or the sight of a man or woman on his or her knees.

Although it has somewhat of a negative connotation, fetishism is very normal and it is around all through everyday life. People who favor a specific brand (such as Nike) for clothing actually have a fetish. The entire fashion and cosmetics industry are largely based on the phenomenum.

Where does the word fetishism come from?

Fetish (sometimes also spelled as fetisj or fetich) originates from the Portuguese word “fettiço”, which literally translates as “something made”. The word was used in the Middle Ages throughout Europe for “magic charm”, amulets brought by explorers from West-Africa, where they were known as “fettiche”. In antropolical terms a fetish is a religious symbol. As such the Christian cross can also be seen as a fetish.

Is fetishism a bad thing?

Thanks to Sigmund Freud (again) – who made the connection between sexual fetishes and “savages” – fetishism has been given a bad name for a long time, while in fact its origin is religious/spiritual symbolism. It is – however – quite normal and chances are literally everybody on the planet has at least one.

Why is fetishism so important in alternative lifestyles?

Some people have a different outlook on sexuality. Part of that is that they often have a sharp eye for detail and they will value such details highly. In that sense, for example, the scent of leather is a detail of leather clothing and gear. Attributes themselves are a detail of entire scenes. In this sense it is a symbol for something much bigger – an entire spectre of feelings, emotions, memories and fantasies.

What are the most common fetishes?

Blond hair, lingerie, leather, lace, latex and high heels are probably the most common fetishes. Another common ones are shaved bodyparts, such as the genital area. There is a wide variety of other “attractions”, such as ponytails, piercings, tattoos, school uniforms and white socks and gartherbelts.

Are there any hard to spot fetishes?

The most difficult thing to explain is the fact that there are people, with what is called an “attraction fetish”. This means they are attracted to but not really into and activity. For example, there are actually quite a few people who are not really into BDSM, but fascinated and turned on by the atmosphere.

Can fetishism be dangerous?

Anything that becomes an obsession can be dangerous. Fetishism by nature at least has an inherent risk of becoming an obsession. The most common risk is that people with a fetish become fanatics about it. This may easily lead to disputes and a lot of flaming, because people can become very touchy about the subject. This frequently happens in Internet chatrooms and on discussion …

Unique Wedding Invitations

Unique wedding invitations are easy to create. The only thing that limits you is your imagination. Today’s tech savvy couples use different types of multimedia to create one of a kind, memorable wedding invitations. They combine video footage with pictures and music and photos to tell their story and provide a personal invite to their wedding.

The piece of art is then burnt on CD or DVD and sent out along with everything found in the standard invitation.

Not being so technically savvy doesn’t mean that you can’t have unique wedding invitations. For example, you can pick a 5×7 digital picture of the couple, frame it in a distinct border, print your wording inside, and have a unique wedding invitation without breaking the bank. If you feel artsy, you can also add a ribbon or dried flower along the border that frames the photo. I can guarantee you that it will make an impression. Sometimes people keep these types of wedding invitations as a keepsake, so it is worth it to put extra effort when creating it.

Another option to have a unique wedding invitation is to hire an artist to recreate from a photograph a portrait of the couple. This is something to be cherished by the couple for a lifetime. One can go even further in pursuit of unique wedding invitation. Recently I saw something that blew me away – wedding invitation of handmade paper, pressed flowers, and handmade silk ornaments boxed with rose petals and confetti. Or another one that was scrolled with cinnamon sticks attached to both ends and tied with a silk ribbon delivered in a paper wrapped tube.

Unique wedding invitations are easy to come up with as you see from the examples above. All you need is imagination. For inspiration you can go online, just make sure you have plenty of time because you will be blown away by the vast choice.…

How to Reduce Laser Hair Removal Costs

A lot of variables may factor into the final laser hair removal cost. These factors range from the area of where you will be removing the hair, the location of the treatment clinic, the density of the hair to be removed as well as the time required plus several others. Start by getting a free consultation when you are shopping for a hair removal clinic.

Laser hair elimination is becoming more popular, largely due to the fact that it can be done on virtually any part of the body. Depending of which area of the body treatment is required on, will cause pricing to fluctuate greatly. Generally it will cost less to remove hair in smaller areas than it will for larger areas.

An often over looked factor in determining the overall laser hair elimination cost is skin tone. To identify the number of sessions required for the desired hair loss, the tone of the skin is a determining factor. Dark skin will normally need additional sessions in order to get similar outcomes. Because of this fact, many laser clinics still do not treat African American skin with laser treatment.

Pricing fees can also be based upon the number of times that the hair elimination laser emits a “pulse” of laser light. One pulse generally only takes about a second and may be able to remove around a hundred hairs. The patient will only have to pay for the number of pulses that is used per session and can end up costing less. You will need to remove less hair with each subsequent visit and thus your overall costs will be reduced.

Laser hair removal costs can vary extremely depending on the geographical location of the procedure. You may expect to pay a greater amount for laser treatment if you are a resident of NY in comparison with living in the southern United States. If you shop around and do a little price comparing, you’re sure to get the best deal on treatment.

Many clinics charge based on the time needed for each session. It’s not uncommon to be charges in 15 minute increments. The removal of facial hair typically takes an hour to complete and the total cost could be upward to $500. This form of payment pricing leaves the cost associated with the laser hair removal largely in the hands of the laser technician and the speed of the equipment being used.

Consult a doctor before undergoing any type of hair elimination treatment, especially if you’re under medication. It’s always best to not take any medications such as anti-inflammatory drugs, aspirins, or other non-steroidal before laser hair removal. If you are taking any supplements or medications, you will need to talk to your doctor before proceeding.

Once you’ve determined where you wish to get treated and which method of treatment is used by the clinic, you can easily figure out the total laser hair removal costs that you will have to pay. If the total cost is not …

The Proper Etiquette On What Kind Of Clothing To Wear When You Are Traveling In Costa Rica

In many foreign countries it is frowned upon to walk around exposing all kinds of skin like we do in the states. For example just because Costa Rica has a tropical and temperate climate does not mean you should walk around towns in your bikini, likewise even though they have been blessed by Mother Nature with abundant tropical jungles and fertile rainforests that does not pretend that men should dress like Tarzan, even if they have the body for it.

This is not to say that when you are in Costa Rica that you have to wrap yourself up. Even if clothing as a whole is determined by a society's cultural scene, its climate, and the manner its citizens live, Costa Rican clothing does not differ a great deal from any other Central or South American countries. All the same, in Costa Rica clothing has two main types. First you have the traditional Costa Rican clothing that is worn to symbolize the country's culture. This is also considered as their national costume and can be seen being donned by locals for folkloric presentations. The Costa Rican men however, are still seen wearing these traditional styles when working in the fields. The women typically never wear these costumes outside of the folkloric presentations. Their traditional dresses are defined by a long tiered skirt, full of colors and embellished with ribbons. The blouses are sleeveless but have wide ruffles at the neck that fall past the shoulders. Their hair is usually held back in a bun and a flower, generally Guaria Morada (the national flower), is inserted behind one ear.

Another type of clothing that is commonly worn in Costa Rica is contemporary clothing. This means the daily apparel that the Costa Ricans wear. Although the sun shines practically everyday of the year, shorts are typically not satisfactory outside of the beach resorts. If you're visiting you probably do not care, but Ticos which is what Costa Rican locals call themselves, leave them shorts for beach wear.

Ticos tend to dress very conservatively. So the most common thing you'd see them wearing around town are long pants and shirts. Mostof the citizenry wear long sleeves or jackets over their shirts as weather has sometimes become unpredictable bringing short rains in some afternoons. Men may sometimes be seen in knee-length shorts though, but again, shorter running shorts and surf shorts are saved for the beach. Dresses are worn on special occasions and are done so by the elderly people. Costa Rican clothing is also inexpensive, particularly the underwear and while the malls and shopping centers offer good deals, you will find the best bargains in downtown San Jose. …

Gift Ideas For Him – Over $ 50

As a man get older it gets harder and harder to think of gift ideas for him. They have everything, want nothing or expect you to come up with a fantastic gift idea all on your own.

When his birthday, Father's Day or the Holidays approach, it's always a good idea to drop a few minority hints just in case, for once, he's actually thought about it and has some ideas on what he wants for a gift. If that does not happen (and it will not most of the time) here are some gift ideas to help you.


A watch is a classic gift idea that will always be well received. If he's already got one, do not worry. You can always get him one for special occasions, or for a particular activity. There are watches with timers and step counters for running, watches with radios in and, of course, the diver's watch, which can be used for diving and general swimming – or for just looking cool! Another option to consider is an old-fashioned pocket watch, particularly for the older gentleman.

Solar Charger for Gadgets

This is a fantastic gift idea for someone with lots of gadgets. There are a number on the market and they are getting cheaper all the time. After only a couple of hours, they can completely charge a cell phone, iPod, GPS etc. Perfect for the car, the frequent traveler and the student that forgets to pay their utility bills!

Digital Camera

Unless you know exactly what he wants you have to be careful with a keen photographer. However, for the social photographer the perfect gift idea is a digital camera. You can get a very good camera for under $ 200 and he will, of course, have great fun just playing with it!

Coffee Maker

There are a number of coffee machines now on the market that do more than just filter coffee. They can make lattes, cappuccinos, hot chocolate etc. They do not have to replace your regular coffee maker and are great for when you have guests.

Beer Kit

For the man who prefers beer to coffee, why not get them a home brew kit? These have gone in and out of fashion over the years mainly because to took a long time to make, it was very complicated and, depending on the brand, it tasted like …, well, not very nice! It has much improved nowdays with some kits only taking two weeks, instructions have been simplified and there is much wider range of beer types available.

Gift Cards

People tend to think of gift cards as a cop-out. However, for those men that are really hard to buy for, a card for a store they will always use will be appreciated. Home improvement, sports, outdoor and electronic stores are all good choices. Another way to show you have thought about the gift is to suggest what they can buy with it. They may not use your suggestion, …