Not Having Sex on Your Wedding Night Could Mean – You're Tired

Let's face it, a wedding can be physically exhausting and an emotional roller coaster. Usually you can expect to experience, joy, fear, anger, sadness, euphoria and disappointment at some point during your wedding day. People will talk about the joy and the euphoria, they usually will not mention the others – but they are there.

Add alcohol and you've got a stressful mix, one that may not lead to passion. What you do not want to do is push yourself or your partner into an experience that you are too tired or drained or chemically altered to be present for. You've got a lifetime together, so relax and follow these simple suggestions.

In order for there to be no confusion or hurt feelings, it's best to talk this out before the wedding day. Talk honestly about other options for creating a wonderful sexual beginning to your marriage. Agree on how you want to signal each other and communicate that you need to just relish the day and cuddle but not be passionate that night. What words of reassurance do you both need so that postponing sex feels loving and not rejecting. And most importantly, have a back-up plan.

If you have time in the morning, order a room service breakfast and plan a sensual, leisurely together. Making love in the morning after you have rested and relaxed can be much more pleasurable and exciting than trying to be present when you are exhausted or wired / tired. If you are leaving for a honeymoon destination, plan for a sensual evening together after you have checked in and relaxed. You want to create a feeling of anticipation together so that you can have the kind of sexual experience you want.

Remember that you now have all the time you need to savor the magic of your love making, so be true to what is really right for the two of you.