Looking for a Unique Gift Idea for a New Mother or New Grandmother? Here It Is

When a new baby arrives in the world, the gift giving starts. If you are not a close family member, so not buying the crib or the high chair or the car seat, it can be a problem as to what to give the little one.

Whatever you choose, will they be receiving twenty more of the same? What color should you buy? Does the baby's room have a theme that you should be going along with? What size is best?

Let's face it, if you really care that you give a gift that the mother will really enjoy receiving, you are in for a difficult task. And in a year or two, your gift will be history as the child will have grown beyond it.

Alternately, even if you have been given some ideas by the mother, one extra little thing added may make the different between "Thank you, I love it" and a delighted "What a wonderful idea!" The bonus here is that the one little thing I am going to suggest you add is inexpensive, suitable for absolutely any mother or grandmother, and also very easy to pack or mail.

New grandmothers are a different problem. Most new grandmothers get nothing except a verbal "Congratulations" or perhaps a card. And yet becoming a grandmother can be just as exciting and emotional as becoming a mother. Grandmothers love recognition of their new status.

Let me ask you a question here. It may seem like I have gone off track, but I have not. Read on and you will see.

If your mother or grandmother had kept a journal of what you said and did (both "bad" and "good") would you not just love to either have it now, or at least have been able to read it?

What a treasure.

For you now to be able to read about yourself as a baby, toddler, and through your growing years, would that not be the most amazing gift? Some of these things you might be able to remember, most you will not. And your mother or grandmother's "take" on these events might be very different than you yourself remember.

Not to mention the feelings. The love, the caring, the understanding, the dreams, hopes and even fears she had for you. They would make precious, precious reading.

Now flash forward to today. If your mother or grandmother did not write a journal about that role in her life, and the young family around her, then you will never have these memories. No doubt they will mention things from time to time, but that is not the same.

But, if you are a young mother yourself, or a new or newish grandmother, or if you have the opportunity to give a gift to one, then you have the opportunity to give the gift of memories both to the adult in question and also to the child, or children.

What a priceless, everlasting gift. Who knows how many generations may read it.

The other bonus of giving this gift is that even if you do not really know the recipient well, if for example she is the friend of a friend who you will just be visiting for a short time, it is still the perfect gift. The mother or grandmother can make it her own, in her own way, according to her own personality. No color or size or style choices are necessary on your part.

Add to that, as I mentioned at the beginning, how easy a journal is to both pack and take with you in a suitcase, or to mail.

Is there a more perfect gift for a new mother or grandmother? Not unless you decide to add a beautiful pen to the gift!

It is unlikely she will receive more than one, but if she does, that is just fine. One journal will not a lifetime last: she will need another and another as she fills each one with her future memories.

The benefit of journaling goes way beyond just being easy gift to give, and a wonderful book to read in the future. It is one of the healthiest things anyone can do.

Journaling allows us to get in touch with our inner voice, to feel what we are feeling, to understand why we are feeling that way, and often to come up with hitherto un-thought of ideas as to how best to proceed.

Journaling is as excellent stress relief tool – and what new mother does not experience some stress.

It is an excellent way to appreciate the happiness that is yours. When life and busyness and stress get in the way, it is sometimes difficult to see the good stuff, to take time to fully absorb and realize the gifts, the goodness and the joy that is in your life.

Taking the time, just a few minutes, each day to write down what has given you happiness today, can go a long way to creating more happiness in your life. The reason is that as you focus on happiness, you start to notice more and more of it, which in turn increases your internal happiness, so you notice even more … and on it goes.

By giving a journal you are giving someone a small gift which in turn empowers them to invest in themselves, both by creating memories for the future, and by helping them better enjoy the good times and work their way more easily through the difficult times in the present.

Journaling is good for mothers, grandmothers and everyone else as well. So if you have a mother or a grandmother on your list to gift, I would encourage you to consider a journal. You will be glad you did, they will be glad you did and who knows how many generations to come will be glad you did.