Jazzing Up Your Wedding Favors

It is wonderful how creative some brides can be when it comes to things like wedding favors. Somehow they manage to take the plainest of items & turn it into something wonderful, a memorable keepsake that will be treasured for years to come.

So how is it they can stamp their own personality on to just about anything – wedding favors, stationery, even their wedding dress? Whilst many of us get lost in a sea of ​​printed ribbon & paper roses, they are busy creating the most unique of items.

Actually all it takes is a little imagination, some confidence & a clear vision of what you want to achieve. Take an evening to look through magazines, browse the internet & put together montage of those wedding favors you like. From here you should be able to narrow it down to those that fit with your wedding style or theme. Remember colors & small details can be changed; it is really the overall look of the item that you should focus on.

For instance a plain favor box can look amazing with a band of patterned paper wrapped over top. This is a design that you may have seen time & time again, you just need to envisage it with a paper band that matches your wedding.

A lot can be achieved simply by adding a decorative tag to a box with ribbon. Look for die cut shaped tags – try Ebay; look for shapes that coordinate with your wedding theme or style ie hearts, leaves, flowers or bells.

Personalized stickers are another inexpensive way of jazzing up your favor boxes. You will find many online stores that offer customized stickers & just need to simply stick them in place.

With the rise in the popularity of scrap booking & card making, craft stores are full to bursting with beautiful stickers, toppers, die cut shapes, tags & a wealth of innovative decorations which could be applied to wedding favors. Choosing decorations such as these will lead to the creation of some truly unique favors, unlike any which could be found in the shops & which will take you no time at all to assemble.

For example, take a look at the rubber stamps. Choose one that matches your wedding theme or that has a wedding related image. Choose a colored ink pad – you will find colors range from solids to pearl scents, glitters & metallic. Next pick up some shaped tags for your favor boxes. It is them just a simple process of stamping your tags; once dry writing your message on the blank side & attaching to your boxes. Voila! Unique & stunning wedding favors! If you are feeling really brave then you could stamp the boxes instead before you assemble them. I would advise ordering a few more than you need because so you have some to practice on.

Here are a few other ideas for jazzing up your wedding favors:

o Ribbon a Deux. This stylish look is achieved by placing a thin ribbon over the top of a wider one. Try it with contrasting colors, patterns or fabrics for an eye catching effect. For a touch of glamor you could thread a rhinestone buckle on to sit on the top.
o Dainty Ribbons. Usually favor ribbon is about half inch in width but a wonderful elegant look can be achieved with ultra thin ribbon which is wrapped twice around the box & finished in a bow (or just a simple knot with short tails if you're no good at tying bows!). Two colors of ribbon works especially well as an alternative.
o Paper Bands. As mentioned earlier, a band of decorative paper is very elegant & stylish. Look for scrapbook papers, interesting handmade papers or origami papers. You could even trim the edges with decorative scissors for a pretty edge. Simply cut them to size (a guillotine is useful for this) & wrap over the top of the box, gluing in place on the bottom. A card tag, label or sticker looks typically stuck on the top.

These are just a few ideas to get your creative juices flowing. The world of wedding favors is an ever evolving place with new designs & styles coming to life all the time. The trick is to keep it simple & to stay within your capabilities. Try to do something too technical & you may end up disappointed with the results.