Instant Love Tips To Attract Sexy Women The Right Way

Whatever your ideal woman hangs out at the bar six nights a week and really knows how to party, or she's shy, retiring and loves bookstores more than the spa, you have to get her attention! Meeting women and getting their attention in a favorable way is very difficult for some men, but check out some of the love tips to attract women listed below. Do not forget that most women are out there looking too, and all you have to do is find each other.

1. Be forward, but not aggressive.

Buying a woman a drink or offering her a suggestion on the books she is trying to decide between is great; believing that it entitles you to something is most definitely not! If you are in a position to do something nice, do it, but do not expect anything in return. This establishes you as a gentleman, and no matter what the manuals tell you, that's exactly what most women are looking for.

2. Listen when she talks

Nothing is more flattering that someone who wants to listen. Do not be disingenuous about it, that is, do not fake an interest when something is boring you to tears. This is a lot more obvious than you might think it is, and a woman who realizes that you are only pretending to be interested will be a lot less predisposed to like you or enjoy your company. Instead, make it a point to find something interesting about what she says. Ask questions and before you know it, you might have a new hobby as well as a new girlfriend.

3. Do not treat her friends badly

Typically, her friends will have her best interests in mind, but sometimes they will not. One of the worst mistakes that a guy can make with a girl is by insulting or ignoring her friends, so make sure that you are at least polite. It can be a bit of a fine line sometimes; no girl wants the guy who was flirting with her to get overly chummy with her friends right away, but you do not want to blow them off, either. Just try to find a natural balance.

4. Be a gentleman

No matter what her views are, act in a way that is honored to you. If you are the type to open doors and buy the meal, go ahead with that without she Declines, in which case, be gracious. Do not turn it into a big thing and be accepting of her views. Remember that if she is not similar to polite and gracious to you that you probably should not be with her.

5. Be honest

It sounds like a bit of a no brainer, but if you really listen to yourself, you might be surprised at how often you tell her what you think she wants to hear. These, of course for the big stuff (whether you really want kids or if you're ready to be in a serious relationship) but it counts for the little stuff, as well. Even if she says something sort of outrageous like she would never be into a guy who does not know her that you are a surfer to stay in the running; just say you never have but will be willing to learn.