Inexpensive Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Christmas is just a few days away and you need a few more last minute gifts. Unfortunately you already spend more than you had planned this year. You need some inexpensive last minute gifts. Here are a few ideas for you.

Baby Sitting

If you have someone with little kids, time alone is precious. Give a couple an evening out, or even offer to keep the kids for an entire weekend, so they can get away for a few days. Throw in a gift certificate for dinner if you'd like to make it a bigger gift. Write a little note about the babysitting offer and stick it in a pretty envelope.

Maid For A Day

Would not you love to have someone come in and clean house for you? Why not do the same for a close friend as a Christmas gift? Offer to come in and either send her off shopping or clean together to get twice the work done. Of course you both deserve to sit and chat over a cup of coffee when you are done.

Picture Collage

Do you have a box of cherished family photos that no one has a chance to look at? Get an inexpensive, large picture frame and make a photo collage. You can cut pictures as needed, add pieces of paper with text describing what the pictures are about or even a favorite quote. You can also add postcards, drawings of the kids and other mementoes.

Spa Day

A gift certificate to a day spa is a fun gift, but it can also be pretty pricy. Instead, give your friend, sister or mom a spa day at home. Invite them over and pamper each other with some homemade beauty recipes. You can find some great recipe ideas here for anything from facials to foot masks.

Gift In A Jar

Here's another great inexpensive gift idea. Put the dry ingredients of your favorite baking dish (like brownies or chocolate chip cookies) into a mason jar. Write what the mix is ​​for on a sticky label, decorate it with marks or stickers and glue it to the side of the jar. Write directions on how to use the mix on a card and attach it to the jar with a ribbon.