Inexpensive Gift Ideas in an Expensive Economy

In this economy, one of the hardest things to do is to spend money on things that are not required in day-to-day living. After the fact that the economy is bad, life goes on: people have birthdays, people get married, there are hollidays and traditions and reasons to celebrate.

Most of these events call for some form of gift-giving, which can put someone who is financially struggling in a tough position. We've all been there- it's the cable bill or a gift, so we call in sick or make up an excuse not to attend these functions. This causes us to miss out on opportunities to socialize and enjoy one-another's company.

As an alternative, try putting away ten dollars – yes, only ten dollars! – and the next time you are invited to one of these events, put your money into action.

Most people enjoy getting a gift, no matter what the cause, simply because it is simply that: a gift. So it is not at all unacceptable to get the birthday girl a nice candle from Wal-Mart. These candles range anywhere from $ 1- $ 5, on the inexpensive side, and smell wonderful. Simply pick up the candle and swing over over to the gift-wrapping section. Pick up a nice gift bag for only $ 1 and some gift tissue for only $ 1 and take all to the register.

If you have a couple dollars to spare, go to the candy isle and grab a bag of Hershey's chocolate kisses or Life Savers mints- some sort of candy that is individually wrapped. When you get home, put the tissue into the gift bag, and set the candle inside of the tissue. Pour the candy in a "sprinkling" manner all around the candle, and take a look at what you've done: this is a nice gift that anyone would enjoy getting, and you've spent less than $ 10, tax and all.

Another great idea for, sometimes, a bridal shower or a house warming party is this: try getting a picture frame from, again, Wal-Mart, ranging in price from $ 2- $ 5 on the inexpensive side, and wrapping it in wrapping paper, which is also inexpensive at Wal-Mart. You could even buy a nice bow or ribbon to tie around the wrapped gift, and you would still be under $ 10. If you wanted to personalize the gift, you could put a picture representing a good memory inside of the frame.

If you are careful, you can even combine these two ideas and still stay under the $ 10 range: You could get a $ 3 picture frame and a $ 2 candle, and you could spend about $ 1.50 on a slightly larger gift bag and $ 1 on gift tissue, and you have a nice gift. Picture frames and candles go great together.

Another cute gift for a bride-to-be that is inexpensive ($ 1- $ 6) and humorous could be socks- for "cold feet."

Also a great gift idea: lotions! There are multiple stores that carry wonderful smelling lotions for under $ 10. In some places, the lotions are approximately $ 2- $ 3 for a purse sized container, and in that case you could even get a matching perfume, also in purse size, and put them in the fore mentioned gift bag.

These are only a few ideas- watch for deals and sales and always remember: your gift is a gift, not a requirement. We should never allow money to be the cause of a declining social life!