Important Tips to Consider When Buying Embroidered Clothing

Buying embroidered clothing is not as easy as buying t-shirts. You have all the right to be picky. As much as possible you have to consider the design and the fit of course. With embroidered apparel, you can have as many choices as you can because the selection is endless and you can ask the clothes maker for customized types. Color and design preferences are a must. You can have different options for embroidery designs. You can also ask the dressmaker to do the designs you wish to see.

Select the Most Appropriate Fabric

Fabric is the most important thing to consider when having clothes sewn. The choice of fabric depends again on your preference, purpose, occasion, and climate or weather. If you want a garment with embroidery, you have to start with a good garment. A durable fabric makes a good garment. Embroidery usually looks better than prints. Prints could fade after a time. If you are particular with the thread, you can choose cotton, polyester, and rayon. Your vendor must know the difference.

Check the Price

As for any type of purchasing, the cost is important when considering which embroidered clothes to choose. If you are buying online, you can easily jump from one store to another and compare prices among different shops. Online sellers impose shipping charges on you, so you need to find out how much you are paying in all.

Look Into the Embroidery Design

The design and style of embroidery can affect the price. The more stitches needed and the more detailed the design, the more expensive an embroidered clothing becomes. You should really be aware of the costs, especially if you are buying plain clothes or tunics with embroidery. Try to go to a local clothes maker if you want embroidery designs on your plain garments. But if you want new embroidered dresses, you can go to a local boutique or you can go online to look for sellers on the web.

Choose Where the Embroidery Should Be

Tell the clothes maker where you want the embroidery should be located. The good thing about embroidery designs is that they can be done on any part of the clothing. If you are having your company logo embroidered, you can go for the classic side chest embroidery. Logo clothing may have embroidery on the sleeve or somewhere that can be easily seen.

Choose the Right Thread Hue

Have a good contrast between thread color and the background fabric color. If their colors are too close, the embroidered detail may not be noticeable. Be careful when you try to suggest something. Try to look for sample work to know if your suggestion looks good in the actuality. Sometimes good vendors or dressmakers will tell you which color combination would work and which would not. Pay attention because it is not always your preference that would count. For instance, if you want your company logo to be on the tunic or corporate attire, you have to make sure that it is as visible as possible. Do not have unrealistic expectations with the color of the embroidery on the fabric. Makers will match the colors as closely as the ones on your actual logo, but don’t expect colors to really match, especially if you have intricate patterns.

Many people agree that embroidery is much better than prints on clothes. Embroidered logo looks better than painted logo but make sure you find a good vendor that can do quality embroidery on any kind of fabric. Look for a tailoring service with good reputation. Ask friends if they can recommend a good tailoring company. Request for sample designs to have a good look of how well they handle embroidery.