How to Select the Best Gifts for Your Loved Ones

Creative Gift Ideas for Bridesmaids and Groomsmen

The bridesmaids threw the bride an unforgettable bridal party and have been running countless errands to help make the bride’s wedding day everything she dreamed it would be. The groomsmen have been assisting the groom anyway they can. The time has come for the couple to show their appreciation for their wedding party’s ceaseless love, support, and guidance throughout the wedding planning process. In the hectic final weeks of wedding preparations, finding the perfect gifts for the wedding party can be challenging knowing that each gift must adequately communicate the couple’s feelings of gratitude toward their loved ones.

Rather than opting for traditional gifts, below are some creative bridesmaid gifts that are sure to be a pleasant surprise for the ladies. Being creative may take a little more time and effort but will certainly show the bride’s appreciation for each woman’s participation in the wedding.

Rewarding each bridesmaid with a spa day may be a bit less personal as each woman is receiving the same gift but the thought will undoubtedly put a smile on their faces. After putting in so much effort to make the bride’s big day unforgettable, they are bound to be tired and stressed. What better way for a bride to show her maids that she is grateful for their hard work than to have them all pampered for a day, her treat?

While definitely a bit more pricey, the bride can take on the cost of the bridesmaids’ dresses as her thank-you gift to them to lessen any stress they may have over finances. Another option is for the bride to treat her maids to getting their hair and makeup done alongside her on her wedding day, an activity that is both fun for all included and financially helpful for the bridesmaids.

Other excellent ideas for bridesmaid gifts include personalized gift baskets or tote bags individually assembled for each bridesmaid, matching jewelry sets that the women can wear on the big day, purses the bridesmaids can wear on the wedding day that match their dresses, and any affordable gift associated with each of the bridesmaid’s personal passions and hobbies.

Groomsmen are typically a bit easier to buy for as they do not require a gift with the same sentimental value a bridesmaid may expect. Some fresh ideas for groomsmen gifts are subscriptions to hobby magazines matching each man’s particular interests, tickets to a sporting event that the groom can attend with his groomsmen, and gift or “beer” baskets full of snacks and small beer bottles for the men to sample.