How To Seduce And Attract Women By Establishing Yourself As A Protector

Women have a very strong internal desire to feel safe and protected. When a woman is hugging or resting her head on the chest of a man she’s into, you’ll often here her say, “You make me feel so safe”. I always thought this was kind of funny. I remember when girlfriends used to say this to me, I’d always think, “Safe from what? Are we under attack or something?” After doing years of research about the genetic make-up of women, it now makes perfect sense to me. Women are genetically programmed to look for a provider and protector. All of the women’s lib activism in the world can’t change this fact. There are several ways you can use touch to make a woman feel safe and protected. Here’s one that you should use on every first date if you are driving in you car.

When pulling up to a stoplight, pretend that you don’t see that there is a red light ahead. Then at the last minute look up and act like you just saw that it is red and hit the brakes. Don’t slam the brakes too hard. Just hit them hard enough so that she will go forward a few inches. As she’s going forward, reach across her as if you’re trying to stop her from going out the windshield. Most of us remember this from when mom used to do it to us when we were a kid. With this one move you’ve instantly satisfied her internal need to find a protector.

Another way to portray yourself as a strong protector is to use your arm as a barrier between her and other people. This works very well in a crowded bar or restaurant. When you’re walking though a crowd, put your arm behind her back creating a shield to prevent people from pushing or bumping into her. This is a perfect way to let her know that you’re a protector. She will recognize and respect you for this.