How to Make Women Laugh

When you approach a woman, she instantly thinks "what do you want". It's a part of a woman's instinct; and even if she does not ask you directly (and you bet she will not) she's silently thinking that. That's why most girls put up defenses when guys approach. They think all men are after one thing when they approach, and most of the time they're right. Because your body language tells her that your objective is to hit on her, a woman creates an invisible barrier around her.

Breaking that defensive barrier that a woman sets up is the challenge to every man who wants to pick up a beautiful girl. Let's face it, beautiful women are stuck with the idea that all the men in the room are after them. This line of thinking is not just inside a woman's head. More often than not, men think of this and show body language that confirms this notation as fact.

The illusion that beautiful women are "out of your league" is just that … an illusion. In reality, any guy can wear down a woman's defense mechanisms and get her into bed with him just by using a minority, no-brainer technique called "humor".

Make a Woman Laugh to Build Rapport and Attraction

That's right. Make a woman laugh and you will be able to keep the conversation alive and moving in the direction you want. Keep her fascinated and get her giggling to wear down her resistance. But how do you get to the point where you can dish out some jokes, tease her and make her feel at ease with you? Here are some tips …

First, do not let small talk dominate a large part of your conversation. Some men think small talk is to a conversation as foreplay is to sex, but I disagree. To a certain degree, and if it's all you can come up with, talking about the weather can ease a woman into a conversation. However, if it goes on too long, she might think it's all you can talk about and get bored. Keep small talk to a minimum and focus on making her laugh as soon as you can.

How to be Cocky Funny?

Guys who can see the lighter side of any situation will never find it difficult to be witty. Confidently smiling and taking jokes in stride (even those directed towards you) will tell the woman you're talking to that you're fun.
Instead of getting all nervous when girls try to diss you, laugh along and make her see that you can take a joke. Pack in more punch into your compliments by wrapping them in negative comments.

Here's an example. When talking to a pair of cute girls, determine which of them has her defenses up and turn that girl into your target. Say, "You're both very pretty. Are you sisters?" Then, turn to your target and say "Let me guess. You're the OLDER sister." You just delivered a neg.

Normally, this statement would not be funny, but you can make it seem funny by smiling, winking and adopting a playful attitude. This behavior conveys that you're kidding around, and you're up for some teasing yourself. Remember, girls are more attracted to "average" men who can make them laugh than good-looking, stuck-up men who act like cracking jokes is beneath them.