How to Lose Weight – For Busy Women Over 40 – Be Slim and Slender This Summer

Are you a woman over 40? Do you want to lose weight- but you are busy all the time? There is only so much we can achieve on a given day- and often our schedule does not allow squeezing in even more activities. Unfortunately, for many women over 40 increasing demands and responsibilities have dangerous consequences, which make it tough to lose weight permanently:

First of all, the stress level increases. If you are stressed out all the time, you will have a very hard time to lose weight. Successful weight loss has a lot to do with balance: Balance in your hormones and balance in your lifestyle. These go together: To balance your hormone system and the effects the declining progesterone levels have on your body you need to balance your life.

This may mean you'll have to make some sensible efforts to systematically de-stress your life. A good weight loss program for women over 40 will help you to do that- here are some ideas to get you started:

  • Make sure that you have time for yourself. You can only support others if you are strong yourself, so allow yourself to have some priority over the demands of others.
  • Develop a routine, a habit to help you increase your depth of sleep. A great thing to do is to have a short walk in the evening, or do some Yoga. Conscious breathing helps a lot too.
  • Get a circle of friends to help you out with daily chores. You do not have to do everything yourself- shared efforts are more efficient.

The next thing is: There is often no time for a regular exercise program. You know, you have to be physically active if you want to lose weight permanently- but it does not necessarily mean that you have to join a gym. If your situation allows, just by being more active in your daily life you will help you lose weight. This could be as easy as getting a standing desk to do computer work, taking the stairs instead of the elevator or buying some dumb bells to do a bit of strength training in the evening.

The last thing is, you need to eat healthy on a daily basis. Your eating habits will make or break your weight loss. Since you have little to no time to cook, you need to watch out for simple recipes. Five-star menus are nice to have, but you just do not have the time to do that. On the other hand, something simple like steamed fish with steamed vegetables is fast and easy to prepare, gives you all the minerals you need and is low in calories- a winning combination.

Are you looking for a flexible weight loss program that adjusts to your busy lifestyle? "One size fits all" programs take not the individual individual situation into account- look for a program that is likely to give you the results you want.