How to Keep Your Man – 3 Things Women Should Not Do

It's very important to remember that there are two people in a relationship. No one person can do all the work and expect to have harmony in the relationship. If a relationship falls apart, do not place all the blame on you or your significant other; both of you are at fault. Remember this as you try to figure out how to keep him in your life. What are you to do?

– Do you treat him in a manner that makes him want to stay with you?

– Are you subconsciously making him want to leave you?

There's no real proof that women purposely push men away. Women do have their actions that have good intentions, but are executed in a manner that is detrimental to the relationship. What are some of the things that seem to drive a man away?

Three Things to Not Do If You Want Your Significant Other

The first thing that comes to mind is the chokehold. This is when you try to change him to the standards you feel are appropriate. You constantly analyze and criticize him until he feels like he's being strangled. Introducing him to new things that liven up your relationship can be an adventure. However, criticizing him for not doing those things is called nagging. Do not fall victim to this.

When you first started dating, you were both happy. If you want to keep that type of happiness, nagging is not the route to take. You must allow him to feel that his opinion is equally as important as your opinion when it comes to your relationship. Turn your relationship into an exchange of minds and you open a door for growth. Open that door and he will open a new level of love for you.

The second thing that comes to mind is humiliation. This is when you demean him at every turn. Everybody makes mistakes but when you demean him for making those mistakes, it makes him feel like he's not worthy of your love. Whether he shows it or not, you are hurting him. If you continue to hurt him, he will leave you to find comfort elsewhere. Do not fall victim to this.

The final thing that comes to mind is stand-alone. It's best to learn to be successful in your career, independent in your daily life and stand on your own two feet. Unlike the previous topics, this will keep him attracted to you. Men like it when women can function without them. They admire a low maintenance woman that can equally enjoy her time alone or time spent with him.

The topics outlined above should be seriously taken into consideration before engaging in your next relationship. Release your chokehold, do not hiliate him and always be the best person you can be. Those things alone could pave the way to a long and successful relationship.