How to Get Girls in Clubs and Pick Women Up at Bars – 3 Simple Steps of Club Seduction

If you have not started going to pick women up at bars and clubs then you are missing the boat. Why is that so? Well, these places are where hot women congregate just for one thing – to be picked up by men! Ever wondered why they dress so sexy and wear tons of perfumes when they hit the night spots? Not to impress other women surely.

If you want the best techniques to get girls in clubs, then this is the place to be. Read on to discover the three tactics you can use this weekend to go home with the hottest babe in the club and be the envy of all other men …

How To Get Girls In Clubs And Pick Women Up At Bars – 3 Simple Steps of Club Seduction

Step # 1: Use Rehearsed Lines . You may hear somewhere that you need to be laid back and "original", but dude – that will not work in a club setting. You really do not have much chances to make a good first impression due to the noise level and the presence of other guys trying to sabotage you.

Your best bet is to have some "ready to fly" lines which you can immediately use to quickly get the attention and spark that initial attraction. Once you have done that, use the next tactic …

Step # 2: Move Her Around. Once you have gotten her initial interest, exit the group and bring her with you. For example, if you picked her up from the dance floor then move her to the bar. This is important – it creates a "spatial illusion" that she has invested much time in you – and will be compliant to your wishes.

Step # 3: Establish Connection. Once you sparked that initial interest and "stop" her away from her group, further develop rapport by immediately establishing an emotional connection with her. You can do this by using a wide array of rapport deepening tactics that will get her hooked with you. Due to the fast pace of the clubbing scene, it's important to be able to do this in 15 minutes or less … or you'll lose her forever.