How to Get a Women to Notice You

There she is, looking regal … and there you are, standing, mouth agape open, loss for words. As she approach you, your heart in your throat, your tongue dry and when she said "Hi!" you realized, it was not you she was looking at, it was that guy sitting at that corner of the office cafeteria.

And so you realized, you were making a total fool of yourself for nothing. You were nervous for nothing. Do not go on wondering if you were born in Jupiter and you can not decipher how you can not seem to get her to notice you or putting it plainly, how to get a girl to notice you. You just have to re-assess some of your "packaging" to be able to get that second look from her. After all, you do not spend hours on the gym for nothing. You need to know how to meet women, then learn how to attract the women and later on learn the basics on how to get that girl to like you.

It's high time you start assessing your fashion statement. Definitely, you will get that girl to notice you if you are looking like a space alien with your mismatched socks and necktie that seem to shout orange! But you do not want that kind of attention from that regal lady. You have to look into her fashion sense in order for you to get noticed. When you are finally successful in holding his positive attention to you, that will be the only time you will have the courage to approach her. So, in order for you to get to the next hierarchy on how to pick up the fairer sex, you must first learn how to approach women.

If she is the kind of person who dresses like she's a lawyer from New York, then start asking yourself if you are that sort of person that will be informed by a lady lawyer. Take note of the pinstriped ensemble that she wear. Women who project a business-like appearance may or may not have a different personality after office hours. But it is safer to start with what you see that she projects for now. You can explore with what she really is later when you've succeeded past the I-am-John-Doe stage.

Keep in mind the adage "If we like ourselves, we will like people who are basically like us." If she projects a business-like stature, you better project the same to earn that second look you want from that lady. You do not need to overhaul your closet, just some minor corrections maybe needed.

A woman that is like the Ice Princess maybe attracted to a person who exudes the same strong personality. Take stock of your pants. Are they ironed well? Does your socks match the color of your pants? Hey, remember, dark pants, dark socks. Without you want her to think that you will be dancing the "Thriller" of Michael Jackson, never do white socks on dark pants.

I am not saying that your fashion sense or the way you dress is a sore for the eyes. Its just that, in order to attract women , you have to choose your get up more critically. Most women are more responsive to men who project a respectable yet powerful magnetism. This way, it would be easier for you to notice how their eyes scan you and your attributes, so making it more easier for you to approach women. If you can not dress as such, and the woman you want puts emphasis on those things because its what she is attracted to, then how can you get past that anonymous admirer stage and get on with enjoying getting to know her?