How to Get a Woman in Bed

Nobody likes to admit it, but the question of how to get a woman in bed is quite a moral question. Without any kind of success in this field, there would be no human race. After all, if our ancestors had not been able to get their cave women in a horizontal position, there would have been no cave-babies. And no “us” either!

So, we assume that you are reading this article purely to learn how to perpetuate the human race. Now that we’ve established that fact, let’s continue:

Step 1 – Remove the Obstacles

You can perfect your seduction game to the highest degree, but as long as you have major obstacles in the way, you will never succeed. Major obstacles include: unattractive wardrobe, bad grooming, body language that does not convey value, wearing “freebie” and cheap items, and so on.

Step 2 – Understand that She Has a Choice

Urban legend is that great seduction artists can seduce any woman on Earth. Not so. They can seduce any woman who has made the choice to be seduced.  It is a two-way street. 

Step 3 – Boost Your Male Value

Removing obstacles is not enough to boost value; it’s just the first step. Then, you need to ramp up your male value. Male value means that she sees you as attractive and desirable. No, good looks and money do not automatically convey high value.They help, but they are certainly not enough. For example, being able to hold a group for 2 minutes with a great story (that subtly introduces some “points” for yourself) will boost your value more than having a Porsche down in the parking garage.

Step 4 – Push to Her

Many guys who fail to take a woman to bed simply haven’t telegraphed their intentions well enough. You do need to be suggestive. You do need to employ seduction tactics. You do need to introduce emotions into the dialogue. And you do need to use “kino” (or touch) into the process. Now, the other half of guys are those who fail push too hard, saying overly “sexy” things, trying too hard to be impressive, or getting too touchy-feely. You’ll want to avoid both extremes.

Step 5 – Pull Back

A pull-back needs to follow the pushes. Push, push, push is repetitive and downright creepy. But the big issue is that your value will start to decrease if you just keep on pushing relentlessly. She will see that she has all the value, and that you have none. It is important to note that the pull-back is not mean or vengeful. It is simply an absence of the pushing. Got it? You remove the attention that you were giving her.

Step 6 – Be Attentive

When guys learn how to get a woman in bed, they tend to get cocky and think that it’s all about themselves. Instead, you need to realize that the woman has her own needs, and you need to be attentive to that. Especially as guys get the woman closer to the bed they let their own desires take over, to the detriment of logic and reason. “Stay the course and be attentive” is the best advice for later stages in the seduction process.