How To Find Out If A Girl Is Single

I'm getting a little tired of receiving this same questions in my email inbox and having to reply it in a clear way, so let me write this so everyone can read it.

Men always ask me "what if she is unavailable, how can I tell she's single?" Then I usually answer: Just ask her. It's very simple (at this point, guys usually get mad at me for giving such a response, but after I explain it they always find it so easy too …). So here is how it works:

When I'm at ANY social environment and I see a lady that attracts me, I'll lock eye contact with her (this is VERY important) and, within the next 3 seconds, I approach her and ask in a casual tone "Are you single? ". This usually leads to a real answer, because they do not feel threatened by my question, because it feels casual, it's not like I want to take something away from her.

So, if she answers "YES", I proceed to my technique of the "How to Get Women's Phone Numbers Almost Instantly". It's THAT simple. I wrote a post about it the other day, where I explain it …

However, if she says "NO", there is a possibility she may be lying, but face it this way: if she lied to you, probably she didnt want to meet you in the first place … Remember, first impression is KEY for attracting women. If it's actually true, do not worry, that one is taken, but there is a lot of other girls out there who are single. You just got to ask.

Now, remember this: it is very important that you ask the question "Are you Single?" in a casual way, as if you were asking your best friend what time is it. You can not show her any signs of fear or being nervous. It has to come out natural. See how simple is that? If you still have any doubts, feel free to contact me!