How to Create Attraction in 3 Easy Steps!

If you feel that your game has become null and void and you and have been struggling to attract women, then you have come to the right place. Below you will learn techniques to stop you being shy around women. Find out what women want from your conversations and how to make a women want you. All this combined will give you the "A" Game and sky rocket your attraction with women.

1) Stop being shy!
Just being in and around a group of women can make you slowly transition from being shy around women into being a lot more open and relaxed when you are around a woman
One of the easiest ways for you to accomplish this is to get a group of females that you know, maybe some co-workers, friends of your sisters, or just friends of friends and hang out with them a little more often.You will be amazed at the things that you can pick up on when you get to know women a little bit better.
As important as hanging around with other women to up your confidence you need toable able to hold a good conversation when you do speak with the hot women at the bar.

2) What a Women Wants From You Conversation
You do not want to be a total bore, or else, what is there to entice her to want to spend time with you. Plus, the more exciting that you are when you are with a woman, the better you will end up feeling, so it's good in all ways. A woman does not want to attract a guy that is going to be a drag to be with, so do not be one.
Now you have built rapport with her, you maybe thinking OK so what's next how do I keep the flow moving forward, how do I make her want me?

3) How to make a women want you!
No woman wants to date a man that she sees as a best guy friend or a brother type in her life, so do not try to be these things if you want to have more than just friendship with her. Sexual chemistry with a woman is a basic NEED for a real relationship to begin, and if you do not make her feel this way, then you are probably going to get the answer that you do not want to hear. That she just does not feel that way about you.
As you can see making her view you as a sexual partner instead of a friend is cruel. Playing the brother role or really good friend is not going to up your game in anyway!

Now you have a proven 3 step formula to enable you, to improve your confidence, get her to be intrigued by you, and then build the sexual tension between you. Combining all this will allow you to build immunity attraction with women, and make you the one being chased and not the other way round!