How To Choose The Right Wedding Cake

There was a time when couples planning their wedding had only three or four flavors from which to choose a wedding cake. They might get lucky with someone that enjoyed experimenting with different flavors and frosting, but for the most part, their options were limited. Today, couples have numerous options that they can choose from. These range from a huge list of catalog cakes to custom cakes. Here are a few tips on how to choose the perfect wedding cake.

For your wedding, keep in mind that when it comes to the wedding cake, there is no right or wrong. You select the flavors, designs, decorations, and size you want. Even if you were planning a completely traditional wedding, you still have options that will make your cake stand out from the crowd. For a truly amazing wedding cake and a cake representing your personality and character, you should think about working with a confectionary artist.

Although finding a confessional artist in the United States can be a bit of a challenge, this form of artist has actually been in existence for more than 150 years. This type of artist does not simply decorate a wedding cake they actually sculpt and script it, making it magnificent and unique. The cakes they design are very ornate and lavish works of art. True masterpieces.

Another option, which is not as expensive, but will still give the cake originality, is to work closely with a florist and have tropical flowers bought in to adorn the cake. You can choose the color, flavor, and style of cake you like and then use exotic flowers for the decoration. In this case, you could have a larger piece created for the cake topper and then have various flowers drape down the sides of the cake, creating a breathtaking piece. If you like, you can even choose edible flowers that can be served with the cake.

Just remember that the options for custom wedding cakes are endless. With a little creativity, an ordinary cake can be completely transformed. Talented bakers or cake decorators can make something special, something unlike any other couple's wedding cake.

If you want to offer your guests some variety, think about ordering a smaller wedding cake, say two tiers, along with several other cake cakes made of different flavors. This way, a little more money can go into the larger cake's design without skimping on flavor for your guests.

One of the most exciting aspects of choosing your wedding cake is the wonderful new flavors. Sure, you could stick with traditional flavors such as chocolate and vanilla, but you have literally hundreds of flavor options. For instance, you might consider a Pina Colada cake for a tropical themed wedding, a cherry and strawberry cake for a Valentine's Day wedding, or a banana shortcake flavored cake for a casual daytime wedding. Remember, if you can not find what you like, most of today's wedding cake makers can come up with something completely unique for your special day.

Finally, make sure you check with several cake makers. That way you will be able to make a good comparison that will insure your wedding day is truly unique.