How to Chat a Women Up – And Get Her to Like You Almost Instantly

Many men in today's day and age are really scared to approach women, even if just to talk. Are you one of these men? If so, you have to get over this problem right away or you will never succeed with the ladies.

The truth is: talking to women really should not be a big deal. Seducing women happens to be a skill that any man can get. If you wish to talk to women without fear and make them long for you, keep reading to find out deadly tips in doing so – you will be surprised at what I am going to share with you here.

How To Chat Up A Woman – Totally Mesmerize Her Through Your Vocal Prowess (3 Killer Tips Of A Seduction Master)

Tip Number One: "Low Frequency". Studies show that men with low voices are always seen as attractive and sexy by the opposite sex because men with low voices usually indicate higher male hormone levels.

If you speak too fast or too quietly, you really need to do something about your voice – unless you enjoy the constant rejections, that is. Be a little conscious about your voice – remember that you can easily "fake" levels of confidence by talking slower than usual. Imagine James Bond – you do not see him chattering quickly in a high pitched voice, do you?

Tip Number Two: "Prepared Lines". If you wish to be perceived as smooth with the ladies, have several 'canned' lines ready that can be put to use in various situations. This can save you from awkward silences and running out of things to talk about.

What would be important here is to seem completely natural as you deliver your canned lines. This would require you to do some practice first in order to succeed. But do not worry – if you have delivered your favorite line for about 1o times, you will appear as natural as you could ever be.

Tip Number Three: "Basic Hypnosis" . Experts of seduction have been putting tactics of hypnosis to use to make women fall in love with them quickly and easily. One of these tactics, fractionation, involves making women experience different emotional ranges during conversations to make them emotionally addicted to men. They will not have the power to resist you after this.

Fractionation has the power to make women fall for men in just 15 minutes – it is highly powerful, yet very controversial at the same time. The good thing about the fractionation formula is that you do NOT need to be an expert in hypnosis or Neuro Linguistic Programming (or known as NLP) to be able to use it effectively. Try it!