How To Be Successful With Women and Dating

The first thing that men must know about dating is there are two forms of Dating – Online or Virtual Dating and Physical Dating. Online Dating is dating over the internet whereas Physical Dating is about the man and the woman spending some lovely evenings together.

For a man to be successful with Women and Dating, he would need to follow some rules. Though, there are no ground rules for this game as such, following some basic pointers will always be good, especially for men.

o A lot of people say you would need to look your best in attire. I will change this statement and say “Look your best but also look and feel comfortable in the attire you are in”. I have seen men going on dates with coats and suits on in a hot and dry summer day.

o Have fun while you go on dating – Remember dating is a fun activity and it should be maintained as just that. Putting your serious face on just will not work for you.

o Flattering and compliment acts as a good tool to boost a woman’s ego. But be very careful to only compliment her on her attire and her looks. A statement like “That is a gorgeous gown you are wearing” would make the woman fly, literally.

o If it is you who will be dating a woman, you can make a choice. If you want your date to go on in conflicting arguments, you could choose a woman of a mentality extremely opposite to you. Most men choose to go on a date with women of the same thought process. Why? They know that arguments have no place in dates.

Following these simple rules would mean that men can be very successful with women and dating.