How to Be a Superstar When Giving a Wine Gift

Wine is the perfect gift – there are only two colors to choose from and one size fits all. But not all wines are equal. It is important to know the person you are giving the gift to.

1. Make sure the person drinks wine. A major faux pas if you give a bottle of wine to a person who does not drink alcohol.

2. It helps if you know whenever the person prefers red or white wine. Also, if they prefer a certain grape (chardonnay, pinot noir, cabernet sauvignon etc) or a certain region (California, France, Australia etc).

3. What is their level of wine sophistication? Do they drink a $ 5 bottle of wine or do they collect library vintage wines. Do not waste expensive wine on someone who does not know the difference and do not insulate someone with cheap wine who has a highly developed sense of taste.

4. Choosing wine can be a very fun experience. You can visit a winery tasting room and try several wines before you choose your gift. Wine stores usually have very knowledgeable staff with good recommendations. Wine labels have become an art form in the last few years so you might want to choose a wine with a label that suits the person or occasion.

5. Wine comes in a wide range of price ranges so there is always one that fits your budget. If you want to be more generous, buy three bottles with a theme – maybe the same wine in three different vintages (years). This is usually only available at wineries. Create a tasting flight of wines with a few bottles that all have a common trait such as Cabernet Sauvignon but from different regions. If you are lucky, you might get invited to the taste test!

6. A gift needs to look like a gift. Anyone can buy a bottle of wine and hand it to a person with a mumbled greeting. Presentation counts! Add a decorative bow or accessory to your bottle that expresses the sentiment you want to express. A gift card adds a personal touch. Do not hide a great bottle of wine in a bag.

Wine gifts are perfect for any occasion – birthdays, celebrations, holidays, hostess gifts or tokens of appreciation. Even the person who has everything will appreciate a nice bottle of wine. And best of all, it can be shared!