How To Approach Women

You know, I used to be just like you. I used to be intimidated or even almost afraid to approach women and talk to them. It did not matter if I was looking for a date or if I just needed to ask the time, talking to women scared me for some reason. I really needed to learn how to approach women, and after a lot of time and practice I have formulated a few tips that almost any man can use, who believes that he needs help on how to approach women.

How to Approach Women Tip # 1: Find a common interest. I was at the drugstore one day soon after I decided to do something about my little problem. I was there to buy sleeping pills because I had been suffering from a mild form of insomnia. Anyways, when I reach out to grab a box of pills, another beautiful woman reached for the box right near it. We both used each others eyes and laughed. I asked her if she was having trouble sleeping, to which she replied "yes." She asked the same question back to me and I said "No, I'm just getting ready to hibernate for the winter." She laughed. Did you see that? We had a similar problem of insomnia but used that as an opportunity to get to know a woman better. We dated for two months before she had to move back to Phoenix.

How to Approach Women Tip # 2: Be able to take rejection. The biggest thing that scared me about approaching women was that fear of being corrected of laughed at by them. Here's the thing, though. Most women know how hard it is for a man, any man, to approach a gorgeous girl and ask her out. Most will even be flattered. Very few women will make you feel dumb for talking to them. And most of those already have boyfriends.

How to Approach Women Tip # 3: Do not think. Over thinking your approach can hurt you more than it can help you. Women can tell when you walk up to them with a rehearsed speech, especially if you stop halfway through, roll your eyes back, mouth some words to yourself, and then correct whatever you just said. It's cheesy and lame and women do not like that. Clear your mind and just start talking. They like a man who is quick on his feet. Even if it takes you a while to get used to this technique, practice it because it really does work.

As you can see, these are just three tips on how to approach women that any man can use. They are not too complicated and can be done with a little bit of practice for each one.