Horseshoe Wedding Favors – When You Are Feeling Lucky

Whenever one thinks of a wedding, elaborate arrangements and sumptuous banquets come to the mind. This is one of the most special events in a woman's life and this is why each detail of the wedding is carefully thought and planned so they day would be perfect. Most weddings are planned around a theme and this theme is usually something that enhances the joy of the occasion.

The Lucky Charms Theme

A great theme and one that would signify how lucky the wedding day is for you is the good-luck charm theme. In this theme the decorations and all the other aspects of the wedding would revolve around luck and lucky charms. These would include all those things that humans consider lucky – horseshoes, four leaves cloves, ladybugs, etc. This would make the wedding day look and seem completely magical not only to the newlyweds but also to all other guests.

The Horseshoe Wedding Favor

The horseshoe has symbolized good luck for centuries. In some countries people make rings out of the iron of the horseshoe which is said to protect one from evil temptations and bad luck. When this wonderful symbol is incorporated in a wedding theme it can be a very versatile concept. There is a lot you could do around this theme:

1. Tiny silver horseshoe pendants – this could be an excellent horseshoe wedding favor. The pendant would look exquisite and you could easily inscribe the date and your names on the back.

2. Horseshoe shaped chocolates and cookies – this is perhaps the easiest to do and most loved to receive. You could have the goodies home or ordered. For the horseshoe wedding favor you could even have these arranged in a horse-shaped box.

3. Horseshoe boxes – you could order multi-purpose decorative boxes that could have been used for anything your guests would choose. These could be made of different material according to your preference and budget, ie wood, pappier mache, fiber, etc.

4. Crystal decorative horseshoes – a great choice here would be the crystal horseshoes which would definitely look very impressive. The only downside here would be that this would have to be ordered well in advance or you would not get enough for all your guests. You could have whatever inscription you wanted on the back of the crystal to ensure that your near and dear one would always remember your special day.