Have You Seen The Wedding Groom?

Well, of course you see him. He is the nervous one trying to remember his wedding vows up front. But where has he been all these months before the wedding day. Probably waiting for someone to take him seriously in regards to the wedding planning. I am sure he has asked his opinion on many different issues but only out of politeness and some respect. The grooms job seems to be to just show up on the wedding day.

What would it be like if instead asking the wedding groom if he liked pink or violet flowers he was asked if he like the colors of the Seattle Seahawks or the Green Bay Packers? Now that would be a wedding. Or how about a fly fishing theme or soccer or motocross? If you're a guy that sounds cool, but it probably will not happen.

Or how about the wedding vacation? The wedding groom has a better chance here. So instead of just going to Hawaii and laying on the beach, incorporated a golfing trip with it or some deep sea fishing. These may be things the bride has never participated in and just might enjoy.

So if your wedding is coming up and you are the groom. Get involved.

Where is the Wedding Groom?

You can see him up at the front, trying to remember his groom speech. More than likely this is the largest part of the wedding planning that he has been involved. All the months previous to the day big day he has been asked an opinion here and there but never taken very seriously. And more than once he has been told to "just show up".

The groom has more than likely been asked if they like red or blue flowers, or do they like the lace on the wedding invitations. But have they ever been asked if they would rather have a soccer or a hiking theme? Or for colors if they would be happier with flowers matching the Miami Dolphins or the Los Angeles Dodgers. For a lot of grooms this would be a cool thing, but it's probably not going to happen.

The wedding groom may have a better chance of promoting him when it comes to the wedding vacation. For example how about going to Hawaii and planning some golf and some fishing. If the bride has never done this type of activity before you may get lucky and it's something she likes.

In any case if you're a groom and the wedding planning is active, get involved and be a part of it. It's your wedding also.

The Forgotten Wedding Groom

The groom has been seen here and there the past few weeks of wedding planning but just an apprentice bystander. And you have seen him at the ceremony trying to remember his groom speech. Oh, the groom has been asked if he likes purple flowers or orange flowers or do you like this invitation or that invitation. But he has never asked if he would like the flowers at his wedding to match the colors of the Seattle Seahawks or the weeding invitations to have a fishing theme. It's probably not going to happen.

But the chances improve quite a bit when it comes to the wedding vacation. Instead of just going to Florida and sitting around the pool how about incorporating some golf and marlin fishing. And some of these extra activities might be something the bride will like too.