Groomsmen Gifts – How Do I Decide?

Groomsmen gifts require some thought but keep it in perspective. First off, you have so many different things to consider in planning a wedding. Do not stress over gifts for your groomsmen. Think about it, obviously, so you put some thought into it and pick the right gifts. But, do not drive yourself nuts over this one detail.

Groomsmen are typically best friends, childhood friends, college friends or brothers of the groom. These are guys that have been there for the groom from childhood, in school, or for their whole lives. Show these guys some appreciation but do not blow your budget in the process.

Groomsmen gifts can be engraved flasks or glassware, pocket watches, tools, lighters, personalized signs, etc. Usually, a groomsmen gift is an engraved gift. This makes it more special even if it did not cost an arm and a leg. Prices usually range from $ 20 to $ 100.

Tips on Selection your Groomsmen Gifts

1. Try to think of an item that all the guys will like. This is the easiest and this way no one will be jealous. Although, you can spend a little bit more on your best man since he will help you the most.

2. Plan ahead. Pick out and order groomsmen gifts two months ahead so that you have plenty of time to get items engraved and shipped to your address.

3. Think of the engraving. Initials, full name, date of wedding? It's up to you. Some grooms engrave nicknames so the groomsmen will fondly look back on your guy time together.

4. Make sure you have gift bags or wrapping paper and thank you cards to go along with your groomsmen gifts. This will make for the best presentation.

Best of luck on your wedding! Plan ahead and get your tasks done early – especially thank you gifts for those doing a lot of work and helping you in your wedding planning.