Groom's Cake – All You Need to Know

The Groom's Cake might sound like a recent wedding trend but actually, it is a very longstanding tradition that has suddenly gained popularity again. There are different theories behind its origins. Some believe that it is primarily a Southern tradition while others attribute its origins to the French bakers, who came up with the idea of ​​a second cake along the wedding cake. This was done so that instead of the wedding cake, the groom's cake could be used to break over the newlywed's heads, which is another wedding tradition.

With time, this custom gradually declined down. But laTely, it has enjoyed a new round of popularity. The grooms can either get a custom made cake for themselves or the brides could get one as a surprise gift for the groom. The groom's cake is meant to reflect the passions and interests so the groom be it sports, poker or other hobbies.

So, the groom's cake may be in the shape of cards if he is fond of poker, or a football if he follows the sport closely, or his favorite car etc. Thus, it all depends on the interests and imagination of the groom and of course, the baking skills of the baker, who has to make sure that the cake is an exact replica.

The bride can also surprise the groom by ordering a custom made cake for him. This is more fun as the bride gets to tests as to how much she knows her soon to be husband.

The groom's cake adds a lot of spice and flavor to the wedding. They do not have to be in the traditional flavors-the groom's decision is final. If he wants a lemon or an orange cake, then that's how it will be.

The Groom's cake can be served on either the rehearsal dinner or the wedding party. Traditionally, a slice of the cake is gifted to all the unmarried women at the party, who can then wish for their dream grooms.

Beside the traditions and customs, the groom's cake is a great opportunity for the groom to have some say in the wedding. After all, a wedding is the bride's day all the way. More often than not, she decides everything, the food, the flowers, the table settings, the glassware, the wedding cake and what not. The groom's cake is the one thing that he gets to decide solely.