Get More Replies From Single Women When You're Online Dating

The one fundamental for online dating to work for you is to get replies from your messages from other single women. With out getting any replies your efforts are wasted, and it probably will not be long before you give up your online dating adventure. In fact over 90% of single men give up online dating within 3 months. This is not due to them not being enthusiastic, it's because online dating is different to meeting someone in a bar or club.

Generally, single men take their bar and club mentality into online dating, and expect the same results. When you're in a club you can walk up to a woman, and ask her if she would like a drink. In a club this is a good way to break the ice. With online dating you have to make a much better impression. You're in competition with hundreds or even thousands of other single men. You can not just send a smile or flirt saying "Would you like a chat?"

When you're online dating you have to compose an e-mail, and say something nice to the woman about something you have seen in her profile. This makes your message stand out from the crowd. A very attractive women will usually receive hundreds of smiles or flirts a week on a popular online dating service. Most of these will just get deleted as she will already know what they're going to ask her.

If she sees an e-mail amongst her messages she will be more inclined to have a look to see what it says, and then you have grabbed her attention.

The next important part of her replying to you is having your profile set up properly. Have a nice clear photo of yourself where it's easy to see yourself. If you have a photo taken from too far away, or one with you and your mates in it you're not going to impress her that much.

Once you have impressed her enough with your photo, you then want to give her something to read that will further grab her attention. Talking about exciting hobbies, and generally making yourself sound like a fun, active guy will give her a good reason to want to get to know you more.

Make it easy for her to reply to you by sounding very approachable. Be positive in everything you say in your profile. Any negativity will just turn everyone off of you. Add some wit to your profile if you can make it sound good. If humor is not your thing then it's best to stay away from it. If they end up laughing at you instead of you you will only click off of your profile.

Once you have experienced with the advice above you will start seeing more answers in your inbox. Online dating is something that can be mastered with a little bit of practice.