Forget the Traditional and Give Unique Wedding Venues a Whirl

It’s your wedding day. You have dreamed of this day since you were a child: being dressed in white, walking down the aisle of a church, having your reception at a grand ballroom, and dancing the night away. On the other hand, scratch that: how about having your marriage on the side of the mountain? In a historic temple? While running a marathon? Wedding venues don’t have to be ordinary. Find a venue that speaks to you and your significant other! Keep reading to see some truly exciting and unique wedding venues.

On a bridge. You and your significant other experienced your first kiss on a covered bridge in the middle of the woods. Why not relive that moment and all of the emotional attachments associated with that event and get married in the same spot where you shared your first kiss? This is a unique location and one that guests will surely remember.

In an entertainment complex. Want to get married on the fifty-yard line of your favorite sports team’s field? How about among the fish at an aquarium? Next to the man-eating lions at the zoo? Next to your favorite ride at a theme park? Or how about next to the dinosaur exhibit at your local museum? Wedding venues like these incorporate a fun type of whimsy into the occasion. Plus, as an added bonus, guests can wander around and participate in the attraction’s fun after the marriage ceremony and reception are over!

In nature. What if you wanted to get married in a cave underground? Or in the middle of a winery? These types of wedding venues provide natural backdrops that don’t need a whole bunch of added decoration. What is more beautiful than getting married in nature and all of its glory?

In extreme settings. Some couples like to live more on the wild side: bungee jumping off the side of a cliff after saying “I do,” going down the highest peak of a roller coaster while your wedding party rides along, standing next to a volcano and feeling the rumbles under your feet, perched high atop an ancient ruin as your guests look on from below, or balanced atop an icy glacier even! The adventurous types tend to choose these types of venues over a church marriage any day of the week.

Whatever you fancy, consider wedding venues that you are passionate about. If this is inside a church, great! Maybe you like the traditional route and want to get married in a banquet hall or country club. No problem! Just know that some marriage locations, like the ones referenced above, are more unconventional than others. It may be worth it just to be able to tell the exciting story of your unique ceremony for years to come.