Flower Colors That Would Look Nice In Your Wedding

There are flowers that are much more long lived and easier to work with than others. Carnations and Mums fit that bill. Most want roses, which are not as easy. They can be touchy. My suggestion is to go to your supplier, like the grocery store, and start with one flower you like. Take it home and work with it. Get to know it. Once you find out what it takes to keep it going then move onto another flower. Do this with greens as well.

The Boutonniere is probably the easiest thing you can do if you are going with a simple single flower type. Sometimes we will run the floral lessons on our website for those just starting out working with fresh flowers. The Pommander is a stylish fresh foam ball or a double cage can be used. A ribbon handle is made and flowers are basically inserted into the foam in a round shape.Keeping the flowers in a florist will use a product called Floralock are only available to retail florists.

You really do not need to do all this by yourself you can go to your local florists store and ask them some questions about how you are thinking about using. You could even go to the store and ask questions from the florists there. You can take one of your bridemaids with you or a family member that way you can have more then one people idea on what would look good to you. If you can not always go on the internet and get some ideas or you can look though mazines and see how that will work out for you. There are a whole lot of things that you can go to or look though to get a lot of good ideas.

As you may know blue is not a common flower color. And when it comes to blue flowers I do not know a single one that is the shade of Carolina blue. Now I am basing the color on when I looked up at the sky, in Carolina, and noted to my daughter what a beautiful color the sky is. And she said, "That was the color Carolina Blue comes from." Most blues in nature are more toward the gray blue to lavender blues. Even the tinted Dutch Rose that is quite blue but no where near Carolina Blue which has a hint of green in it.

The flowers are Hybrid Delphinium, Hydrangea that are really blue. Bella Donna Delphinium is too dark and will not photograph well. My suggestion is to choose a color in addition to the blue and silver. After all you already have a lot of Carolina Blue in the dresses. Then use ribbon to coordinate the Carolina, if you can find it. Something in the orange and peaches, they always photograph well in the same intensity as your blue.

If you really want to go with another flower then you can go to your local floists and talk to them about dye the flowers that you would like to use in your wedding. They can really help you make up your mind when it comes to some of the flowers or the color that you really want for your flowers. They can even tell you if your flower choose would last though the long flowers will be out in view. If they do not last that long then you are going to have to go with what they sugget is a better choose for your flowers.

To get your silver, there is always the silver Tussy Mussy. I love roses they are my favorite flowers. Adding just a touch of blue from the selection above, florets of the light blue Hybrid Delphinium plus some greens should do it for your maids.

Most of the flowers you want will be available anytime of the year. It is important to speak to your local florist on this. She will know her wholesale supplier and what is available to her in your area. Right now is a good time figuring out what will be the shape or style bouquets you want. You can check out the styles of various bouquets on our website. That will give you an idea of ​​were to go next. Certain flowers work better with certain styles.

If you wait to long then when you finally make up your mind it will be to late for you to get the flowers that you would like to use for your wedding. But you should really talk to your local florists that way if you come to the color that you would like then you can have that flower in your wedding you wait for long then you will not have no choice in what you get.

I know that tulips are not a very hardy flower, but they are my favorite so I am sticking with them. I plan on having black dreeses with red tulips, or red dresses with red tulips. In the case of the red dresses and red tulips I was wondering if you could suggest another flower that will look good with tulips in a bouquet. It really depends on the shape of the bouquet. I am thinking you are going to be holding a handtied bouquet. In that case I like just tulips with a little green collar of leaves.

If you feel you must put something in you may put in a filler depending on what is available locally to you. There are various blooming branches, something other than babies breath that will hide the shape of the tulips. If they were cascade bouquets you could put in open flowers as the focal point and have the tulips cascade around them.

If you put in a Stargazer Lily with your tulips, it will take away from the tulips and become the focal point. I am not crazy for the pink / orange color combination-although I have seen bouquets with it. What about yellow and orange? A little lavender goes nicely with orange, too, instead of yellow. It looks quite nice as long as it is light in color, no purple, purple will look like a hole in the bouquet. Maybe some Waxflower … which is a filler flower but very pretty. It has a little pink lavender cast.

There are so many flowers in the yellow range and orange colors. And of course the white callas. The "Proto" Lily is an orange variety and the "Mona" Lily is a Yellow variety. Go with one lily color, I think. Then build your bouquet around the lily choice for your maids. Fleshing out your choice with roses, my favorite, and freesia (depending on the shape of the bouquet). You may stick with the White Calla in your own bouquet.