Five Reasons to Use Photography for Gift Giving

Personalization. In my opinion the first and biggest reason to use photographic gifts is the personalization that it affords the giver. I’m not talking about just giving someone a photographic portrait of yourself, although that is an excellent and very personalized gift. How about giving that special person a coffee mug or t-shirt that has their favorite (or yours) on it? The idea is to give them something that is as useful as it is artistic.

Exclusivity. By using a photograph that you have made yourself or that you have purchased from an outside source, you are offering the recipient of the gift something that can’t be bought at a department store or, for that matter, even at a jewelry shop.

Individuality. With the artistry of the photographic image, you can tailor a suitable gift for anyone on your gift list. Do you have a friend or relative that likes to cook? Give them an apron with a photograph of a cake they’ve made. Have a person on your list that likes dogs or cats? Give them a coffee mug with a photograph of a favorite animal. Is one of your special people a nature or outdoors lover? Give them a framed print of an especially favorite scene or panorama.

Decorative. Imagine how good you’ll feel when you visit someone that you sent a photographic greeting card to and they have it displayed on their desk when you arrive. Think of how good you would feel when you are complimented on your “good taste” in art.

Useful. Photography as “art” is a given, but you can use that art to create gifts that are useful as well as attractive. Consider giving a grandmother an attractive refrigerator magnet with a portrait of the grandkids on it or a favorite pet displayed there. Give your children a t-shirt that has a favorite scene displayed on it. Do you know someone that is a bird watcher? Give them a coffee mug with a photograph of a Northern Cardinal on the cup.

These are just a few suggestions on how you can use your (or someone else’s) photographic talent to create gifts that are sure to be treasured by the person that received them.

The list of possibilities for photographic gifts grows constantly as new uses for our artistic talents expand. I have already mentioned a few items that may be created but here are a few more in case you need help. Do you know someone that is a card player? Give them a deck of playing cards with scenes from a vacation they (or you) especially enjoyed. How about giving your favorite cook an apron with a picture of one of their specialties on the front of the apron? There are an awful lot of people that enjoy assembling jigsaws and one of your favorite photos might be just the thing for them. How about a beautiful nature scene that you admire? Have a photograph of the scene printed on canvas and frame it for display in your living room for everyone else to appreciate as well.