Fine Pens-A Great Gift Idea For Him

Buying gifts for us guys must be pretty hard. Everything we really need most of us already have, and everything we want (ie the Ferrari, the private jet, the Playboy mansion) we really would not know what to do with even if we had them.

Oh, and when you ask us what we want we will always reply, "Oh, nothing honey". Always! That is pre-coded in our DNA and unfortunately we can not do anything about it.

But here I want to outline a gift idea that seems to have been forgotten in recent years: a top quality pen.

For many guys, the pen we use around the office is the ultimate symbol of success and, like the car we Mont Blanc (German)
drive, it says a lot about who we are.

What style? A Fountain Pen, Ballpoint Pen or Rollerball Pen?

Which brands? There are many: Mont Blanc, Waterman, ST Dupont and Caran d'Ache to name a few.

Do we use a flashy diamond-encrusted one or a simple, understated color?

Here we'll discuss some of the preferred types and brands of pen, and I'll recommend the type of man each one suits. Hopefully this will help you to pick the perfect one for your guy and gift him a really special gift that he will use every day and cherish forever.

For The Pleasure-Seeking Man

Brand: Mont Blanc (German)

Style: Fountain Pen

This man takes pleasure in the fine things in life. While not particularly flashy, he communicates his success in more sub ways.

For him, a Mont Blanc Fountain Pen is the one. Probably the most well known and prestigious of all the pen brands, the Mont Blanc exudes confidence with its white star just sticking out of his top pocket. A fountain pen is also the way to go, with the Mont Blanc Meisterstück 149 being one of the most famous and recognized writing instruments of our time, with handcrafted, platinum-inlay 18K gold nib and gold-plated rings.

Similar image brands: Mercedes-Benz, Ralph Lauren.

For The Confident, Understated Man

Brand: Waterman (French)

Style: Ballpoint

This man is not flamboyant, but he appreciates good quality things and enjoys them in a more subtle, understated manner.

For him, a Waterman Ballpoint Pen is perfect. The brand is well known but it also has a strict confidence about it. And since this man favour functionality just as much as style, a long-repeating and easy to use ballpoint would suit him best.

Be sure to check out something like the Waterman Ballpoint Liaison Black Pen.

Similar image brands: Lexus, Sony.

For The Man Who Likes To Be Different

Brand: ST Dupont (French)

Style: Rollerball

For this man, design and style is important. He always likes to look his best and the way he presents himself is important.

The ST Dupont Rollerball Pen is for him. ST Dupont's focus on using novel and innovative materials in its pens, combined with the elite designs will appeal to his sense of fashion and uniqueness. The Rollerball is the way to go too: it is different from a ballpoint while not being quite as traditional as a fountain pen.

For something really different, check out something like the ST Dupont Fidelio Blue Coat of Mail Rollerball Pen.

Similar image brands: Alfa Romeo, Bang & Olufsen.

For The Man Who Enways Tradition

Brand: Caran d'Ache (Swiss)

Style: Fountain Pen

Tradition and craftsmanship are important considerations for this man. The history behind a brand is critical and he loves the certain "old-style" glamor of things such as a 1960's Jaguar sports car or classic movies.

A classic Caran d'Ache Fountain Pen is for him. Crafted since 1924 in Switzerland, famous for its fine watchmaking and jewelery, Caran d'Ache give their pens a very traditional-style look while still employing very novel and innovative materials and techniques. This has earned a reputation for products of exceptional quality and beauty.

The Caran d'Ache Varius Metwood Fountain Pen is a perfect example, crafted using rosewood and strengthened by a brass insert.

Similar image brands: Jaguar, a bottle of 20-year-old red.

I hope this help you in your decision-making. I'm sure he'll love it!