Falling in Love – How to Plan the Perfect Autumn Wedding

Beautiful, colorful foliage and pleasantly moderate weather makes fall the second most popular wedding season. According to the National Center for Health Statistics, September and October are the third and fourth most popular months for weddings (behind June and August). Nearly 22% of all US weddings take place in the fall.

Here are a few things to keep in mind while planning a fall wedding.

Color Scheme
Who says that you can only use earth tone colors in a fall wedding? While we adore chocolate browns, consider other rich and glamorous colors such as pomegranate and eggplant that fit the time of year. If you have your heart set on brown, try mocha or cappuccino hues rather than chocolate, which combine beautifully with powder blue, apricot or rust, cream, and even red. In fact, you can use any color you like as long as you combine it with a darker hue to create balance.

Fabric and attire
While lightweight fabrics such as silk are perfectly suitable for a fall wedding, it is important to choose a fabric that flatters everyone's figures and a color that will complement your bridesmaids' complexions.

Just as you should not feel obliged to outfit your maids in heavy fabric just because of the season, the groom and his wedding party should not be marked to wear a formal dark suit. Khaki suits have an earthy feel that is very suitable for an autumn wedding. If it is warm enough, forego the jackets and opt for crisp button-down shirts and khaki slacks.

Drops in temperature
Fall weather is typically mild. However, the temperature tends to drop in the evening. Make sure your guests are warm and comfortable during your wedding ceremony and reception. If you are having an outdoor wedding or reception, set up heat lamps or fire pits in outdoor areas or provide inexpensive shawls or pashima-style wraps for your guests.

Floral Arranges
Since many popular wedding blooms are not in season during the autumn months, seize the opportunity to get creative. Incorporate grains like wheat and millet, ornamental fruits and vegetables, and even herbs such as rosemary, sage, or thyme into your centerpieces and wedding bouquet. There are lots of elements you can work into your wedding that reflect the season in subcont ways.

Wedding favors
Another great way to incorporate the fall season into your wedding is with favors. Autumn magic starts with sweet aroma of apples, pears, and maple syrup. Show your guests that they are the "apple of your eye" by offering them treats such as caramel apples, individual apple tartlets and hot apple cider or show that you and your groom are the "perfect pair" by giving guests pear-spotted soy candles or a pillow box full of pear-flavored jellybeans.

Plan around the holidays
Also, remember to do your research when planning an autumn wedding. There are many holidays during the fall, including Labor Day, Thanksgiving, and the Jewish high holidays of Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur, but by doing your research you can help your guests avoid scheduling conflicts.

Just as decision, destiny, and luck brought you and your soon-to-be together together, it can also help you plan the perfect fall wedding.