Disney Wedding Invitations: And They Lived Happily Ever After

As a little girl, you may have dreamed about having a perfect wedding after watching Disney movies like Cinderella or Sleeping Beauty. "I'm going to marry my own Prince Charming" , sound familiar? And there you went on fantasizing on a flawless ceremony, wearing your beautiful beautiful wedding dress with your handsome prince to your side and every Disney character attending as guests to the marriage … Fascinating! However, as we grow up we tend to become more serious in our life and forget about these beautiful unique moments.

With Disney wedding invitations you can revive joyful memories like that one and place a very blissful, pleasurable mood to your wedding. These invitations are always quite cheerful and lots of people enjoy them very much. Think about it, who hates Mickey Mouse or Cinderella? No one! That is why having your friends from Disney on your invitations is never a bad choice. These cards feature characters such as:

o Mickey Mouse

o Minnie Mouse

o Cinderella

o Prince Charming

A beautiful Cinderella wedding invitation would feature her inside her glass carriage ready to take you to the fantasy marriage you've always dreamed about. A Mickey and Minnie wedding invitations could present both of them staring at each other with the essence of love in the air surrounded by beautiful red hearts or stars.

With all that said you may feel a bit overwhelmed and lost to decide on which invitation is the right for you. Do not worry much because, because you can pick out the perfect invitation and be sure that it was the right decision without a doubt very easily. As long as your choice speaks for you, you're ok.

Huh? Speak for you?

What do I mean by saying this? Do not pick a wedding invitation because it looks so pretty and shiny. You need your guests to identify you with the invitation you send out. You want them to say: "Oh look! It's Cinderella and Prince Charming, that's so Rebecca …" Once you have them saying that, you know your wedding invitations are going to last in the memory for years to come.

And if they do not say it, it does not matter because you know those wedding invitations are special for you, and they will deliver the same emotion and excitement you are feeling to your guests. You will have them excited to go to your ceremony and see you to congratulate you, the beautiful newly wed!