Dating Tips For Women – Feelings Of Insecurity

Ladies, whenever we've admitted it yet or not, most of us tend to be much more insecure than we'd like to be. For some strange reason, we can be completely confident in ourselves where business or career is concerned, yet be an emotional mess when it comes to relationships and dating.

We constantly critique and criticizeize ourselves. We worry that the dress we chose for our first date is a little too sexy, or slightly out of style. We agonize over our teeth being slightly crooked, or rage about our hair not behaving properly.

So here's a really big, important dating tip all women should take to heart: Guys do not think about this stuff.

Men do not often know what's in fashion or not. And a woman can be sexy to them wearing a T-shirt and sweats. Without he's overly shallow, he's not going to notice your crooked teeth … instead he'll marvel over how your eyes light up when you smile. He's also not going to have a clue that you're hair did not turn out the way you wanted, instead he'll notice how soft and shiny it looks and possibly fantasize about touching it.

First impressions do count, yes. But do not try to fit into a dating profile that you think he'll like. Be yourself instead. He will remember the date, and remember many things about you that you've never even thought of.

Guys have little patience with women who are overly insecure. He might find it cute and amusing at first, but you could find yourself without a date in the near future if you take things too far. This is especially important if your dates turn into a full blown relationship. Insecurity will wear on him, aggravate him, and eventually drive him away from you.

So the first step to having a great date is to decide you'll enjoy yourself. Do not agree to something that will make you have to force yourself to look like you're having fun though. If your date suggests going hiking for instance, and you can not stand the idea huffing and puffing up the trail for hours, suggest something else. Maybe you've got more fun dancing instead. Guys usually want the date to be enjoyable for you, and they're open to suggestions and ideas. In fact, sometimes guys do not really know what to suggest as a date, so when you offer ideas it helps them too.

If it's your first date with a guy, you might be a little nervous about trying to hold up your end of the conversation. This is normal and he's often nervous about this too. One way to work around that is to engage in some kind of activity during your date. Movies are an easy stand-by, because you can not usually talk much when in the movie theater. Bowling is another easy date idea which will give you both something to do. Others include shooting pool, going to a museum, or attending a local concert or performance.

The point is: Do something you're comfortable with for your date, and you're much less likely to feel overly nervous or insecure. When you're having fun you're more confident, and the date will be more memorable. In fact, the guy is much more likely to call you for future dates because he enjoyed your company so much the last time.