Dating Tips for Asian Men Looking to Date White Women

It's hard out there for a lot of Asian men, especially in the dating scene. It's all filled with misconceptions, stereotyping and so on. The majority of this comes from the media and the societies views on Asian men. Social conditioning has led a lot of Asian men believe that they are in some way inferior when it comes to the dating scene.

I come here today to tell you that all of this does not matter! Whether your Asian or black, it does not matter when it comes to attracting women. There are fundamental laws that makes you as a man attractive regardless of race and skin color. There's also a lot of limiting beliefs and bullshit out there that simple is not true.

Tips for Asian Men who are looking to date white women:

1. Be yourself- Such a cliché right? Well the true meaning behind this is "Be Your Best Self" What does this mean. Well for starters if your whole life is just a plain mess, and you approach a woman, then you can not expect much success. But strive to be the best that you can be. Get in shape, get your financials handled and reconnect with your family and friends. This will create a strong foundation for you to work on. Once you have these things handled, you will feel more confident and more at ease, ready to show the best of yourself to that girl you've just seen across the bar.

2. Being Asian is enough – A lot of people think that their race or skin color seriously diminishes their chances for the opposite sex. This is completely bogus! Actually being different is a good thing. It sets you apart from all the other generic men who approach her as the drunken frat boy. It might even be a huge turn on for some women who just love the oriental look. However there will always be some people who are just not that into you, regardless of skin color and vice versa. The key is to accept it, there's plenty more fish in the sea.

3. Get Physical – Asian guys are especially so worried about touching a girl. Guys you must understand that girls loved to be touched. The mere act of you not physically touching her gives her the idea that you might not be interested or that you are pussy. Getting physical can sometimes be the difference between a friendly conversation between friends or one between potential lovers.

These are only quick tips which are tailor for the average Asian men. However anyone can use them.