Criteria To Consider When Searching For A Russian Woman

After applying the criteria of age and number of children, other considerations are height and weight. I do not recommend spending a lot of time on these criteria.

Generally speaking, most Russian women are not overweight. They are usually very firm figured and weight and height are proportional.

There are a lot of reasons why they are not overweight. One is the Russian woman's concern for her appearance. Another is the fact that they do a lot of walking in cold weather. Cars are a luxury most families do not have.

Food is an expense that enterprises a much larger percentage of income in Russia than it does in Western countries. It is expensive to buy lots of sweets and ice cream or other types of fattening foods.

The following personal experience of mine may highlight some of the feasibility of using weight and height as serious search criteria.

The height range I put into the search engine on the websites was for a woman over five foot two inches tall and under my height of five foot eleven. I put into the search engine a weight range of one hundred pounds to one hundred forty.

There is some difficulty in converting exactly from meters to feet. I corresponded with one woman who profile said she was five foot ten inches tall. When I met her in person, she was closer to six foot two inches.

I am five foot eleven and stocky. She was clearly taller than I. She may have understated her height to attract more men.

My wife is five foot seven inches tall and one hundred thirty pounds. She is slender and curvaceous. I met both shorter and taller women, but in each case, their height and weight was proportional. Consequently, height and weight was not my major search criteria, nor do I recommend it to be yours.