Closet Organization – Lose the Clutter

Are you feeling bad about yourself lately? Do you look in the mirror and you think to yourself, “Who’s that?” Maybe it’s time for you to refine your wardrobe. Have you ever watched the show, “What not to wear?” They have the right idea for wardrobe organizing. They have the client try on all of their clothes in a 360-degree mirror. They give honest options about the clothes and once they are finished they get to buy a new wardrobe. Not all of us can afford a new wardrobe, but we can refine it by purging what does not look good, altering ill-fitted clothing and purchase a few versatile items to complete your wardrobe. Organizing your closet will help you to find something to wear quickly and efficiently.

The first step is to have a fashion show in your bedroom. Make sure you have a full-length mirror and a friend or family member willing to give you an honest opinion. Try on all clothes you would like to keep to make sure they fit and look nice on you. Make sure your clothes fit properly on your shoulders, waist and crotch area. Well-fit clothes make you feel more confident because you look and feel good. If the item is 1 or 2 sizes too small or too big then donate or sell the item.

  • Throw away all stained and damaged clothing
  • Place alterations into a basket or bag and label. If you do not have the funds for alterations then donate or throw away the items
  • Donate clothes and shoes that are uncomfortable, outdated and have not been worn in one year

The next step is to install necessary organizers or install a custom closet if you have the funds. Buy decent hangers and get rid of all wire hangers! Replace all items in an organized manner. Think of a department store while you replace the items. Place all t-shirts together, dress pants together, etc. Place like colors together too. Once you have a good idea of what you have then you will know if you need to go shopping for a few new items to complete your wardrobe.