Choose Lucky Gifts – Follow these Feng Shui Rules

Whether they're gifts for the holidays, a housewarming party, or another occasion, you can choose presents that bring Feng Shui luck.

When you select a present for someone, it helps if you have insights to their personal goals. Then your gift can enhance their luck in that area. However some items are lucky in a variety of areas. These include fantasy figures, plants, and candles.


A statue, painting, or poster of an angel can be a wonderful symbol of supportive friends. Fairies in the same kinds of art provide similar luck; their wings represent rising above difficulties. Regardless of the recipient's goals, figures such as these are very auspicious.

Art that represents other creatures from fairy tales, mythology, and childhood stories can also enhance luck with business associates, friends, and networking in general. Fantasy art and figures boost creativity as well.

Statues, paintings, or posters of dolphins are perfect for someone with a creative career. They're fine gifts alone or in pairs and bring with them the luck usually attributed to fish.

However, dolphins have the added benefit of representing peace and harmony as well as intelligence.

In fact, these symbols are so powerful, be certain that the recipient truly wants this kind of luck in his or her life. For example, if someone has a career in competitive sports or works as an investigative journalist, peace and harmony may not be his or her goals. In that case, the figure of a dragon may be more appropriate.


If you are giving someone a plant, choose a plant with two or three main stalks.

A bonsai plant rings strong good luck to someone who is facing hardships, but these plants can be challenging to keep healthy. It's a perfect gift for someone with a green thumb. Otherwise, consider a different plant.

Jade plants are sometimes called "money plants" because they consistently attract wealth; they're also easy to grow.

The heart-shaped leaf of the philodendron plant makes it especially lucky for someone who is single. Philodendrons are also perfect for someone who has a "brown thumb" and otherwise can not grow plants.

At the holidays, if you give someone a kit to force narcissus bulbs at the start of the year, this can be especially lucky. Just as lucky, lilies are legendary in China for helping to free their owners from worries.

Lucky bamboo plants are very popular and can be purchased in almost any store with a plant section. Although many of these plants are not true bamboos, any similar plant is very auspicious for attracting wealth.


Candles are another lucky gift in Feng Shui terms. Select colors appropriate to the recipient's goals, or to match the areas where the candles are most likely to be displayed. For example, choose purple, green or gold to attract prosperity, or red to enhancement reputation.

Candles also prevent the gift from becoming clutter; after the candle is used, it's gone.

Likewise, a gift certificate can be an ideal present if it is for a meal in a fine restaurant, or can be changed for tickets to a show. These kinds of candidates create happy memories instead of appealing dust.

Regardless of your budget, gifts can be simple or elegant and still bring great Feng Shui luck. Choose thoughtful items that reflect the decorating tastes and goals of the recipient. Each gift will benefit the person who receives it, and luck will also shine upon you.