10 Things That Separate Women From Girls


Do you know what makes a woman stand out in a crowd? Whether it is her dressing sense, approach to health, way of building career or her way of making relationships, there is a way to tell whether she is a woman or a girl! Read on for the 10 characteristics that separate the women from the girls. This article tries to explain these characteristics at some length for the benefit of readers. Readers can make use of these explanations while dealing with them.


1. Girls in their pursuit to look good and current, they blindly follow the trends in the market. On the other hand, women have their own sense of dressing. They look for dresses that make them look and feel good.

2. In order to look slim, girls go on fad diets without worrying about the consequences that follow. Being matured, women know how to eat healthy as they have evolved a way to stay fit.

3. Due to the rush of blood through their veins, girls try to work out sporadically and expect great results from it. Women on the other hand know from experience that slow and steady always wins race. Hence, they work out slowly and steadily without worrying for the quicker results.

4. Girls look for people with supernatural instincts to fall in love with. Matured women on the other hand know that they have to work in the society by making everlasting relationships. Therefore, they slip into relationship with the spouses they chosen.

5. Young girls try hard to get the attention of the people. Women don’t have to do anything out-of-the-way as they get attention automatically wherever they are.

6. Girls try to buy any cloth that is out in the market in the name of trending fashion. In contrast, women build a solid wardrobe of classics that fit well to their body. Hence, women have cloths for any occasion to look great.

7. Girls have long forgotten to smile and make others smile. This is in sharp contrast to women who have a sense of good humour.

8. Girls follow the patriarchy of the society and the family. Through experience, women have learned to stand up for the cause they strongly believe in.

9. Girls only read the romantic literature that borders on vulgarity and sexuality. Matured women would like to explore all genres of literature to expand their horizon of knowledge.

10. Girls want to go everywhere with someone, especially with boyfriends. On the other hand, women enjoy the solitary time when they get enough time for self-introspection. Moreover, they also would like to spend some quality time with their spouses and children.…

Shopping Online: Online Christmas Discounts for Shoes, Jewelry and Designer Clothes

Prices for designer clothes online are typically about 30% cheaper than they are on the High Street. Because online retailers don’t have to invest in lush carpets and storefronts, they don’t have the high overhead of the shops on the High Street. No mannequins to dress, no shopgirls to pay – and all those savings get passed right down to you. That means you’ll find deals like Versace crew neck t-shirts as cheap as £15 and Burberry London Polo shirts for under £50.

The same holds true for jewelry and women’s shoes. The online shops already feature deep discounts on designer watches, diamond chokers, stunning jewelry and the sharpest women’s shoes. If you shop early, many online retailers will even waive the delivery charge, doubling your bargain price. And if price isn’t a good enough reason to shop online, take a look at these other advantages to shopping by computer rather than car.

Avoid the mobs at the High Street shops.

Who wants to get into a tug-of-war over the last of the Burberry silks? When you shop online for designer clothes, you don’t have to worry about some Aunt Annie snatching the perfect silk scarf out of your hand just as you find it. Just place your order and it will come straight to your post box. No worries about shops running out of your size or having to battle it out for the only pink Ferragamo pumps in the shop.

Shop when you want.

Why give up your lunch hour to battle the shoppers out in the shops? When you shop for jewelry and watches online, you never have to think twice about shop hours. The shops are open 24/7, 365 days a year. If your only time to shop is 3 in the morning, you’re not naffed. The online shops never close.

Take all the time you want.

Why deal with snooty shopgirls if you don’t have to? When you shop online, you can linger at the jewelry counter as long as you like without any clerk hovering to earn his commission. Go back and look a dozen times before you buy – no one’s watching, and no one cares.

It’s easy to get advice when you shop online.

So you think she’ll love those shoes, but no one knows her tastes like her best girlfriend? If you’re shopping the High Street, you’ll have to go hunt her down and drag her out with you. Isn’t it easier to just email her sis or her girlfriend the link to the shop and ask?

Cheap prices, convenience, safety – oh, did we mention security? When you shop online with a credit card, you’re offered protections from fraud that you won’t get out in the shops. Whatever you’re shopping for this holiday season, you’ll find it online – at a better price, at the time you want in the time you want. Why shop any other way?…

Find Luxurious Casual Wear at the Abercrombie Outlet

The Abercrombie outlet is considered to be the perfect one for you if you are looking for the casual outfits, sporting and other excursion goods. These stores are elegant looking and have much for you inside them. On the outer side, these stores are rather simple and do not contain any picture of the famous model or celebrity marketing the product. Most of the stores of this brand have a charisma of their own.

There are elegant and classy, ​​which is the reason behind their popularity and fame. As the market and other shops are very populous with colorful schemes and posters of the famous people, these retail shops present a totally different view. They are usually done in whites and such colors that make them classical and elegant. They are spread through the United States and if you are unable to find near you then you can certainly get help from this article. There are over 300 of the locations which have the stores of this brand. They are providing the people with the clothes that greatly fit their personality and style. Be it jeans, jackets, shirts or coats, both men and women can find it without any difficulty.

Also, you can find the items of your choice on sale or at affordable prices, which makes purchasing clothes from the Abercrombie outlet even more exciting. When it comes to the stores of this brand, you can find one in the Ontario Mills mall near Los Angeles. It is considered to be the largest SoCal outlet mall as well as the busiest. You can also find one in San Francisco at the great mall of the bay area, at Rehoboth Beach Tanger mall – in Delaware, Commerce Tanger mall – Georgia, in Chicago at the Gurnee mills – Illinois, Jersey gardens mall in Elizabeth – New Jersey, Hilton Head Tanger – South Carolina, Potomac Mills mall – Virginia, Baraboo Tanger mall – Wisconsin. All of these outlets have a charm of their own. They provide you with the casual that are also termed as the casual luxury, and are intended for those who prefer to have such clothing that combines the exquisite designs with the great comfort and affordability.

The furs that are present in the jackets are of the finest quality and also the material is so soft that it clearly makes its space in your wardrobe. Your wardrobe would be incomplete without any item of this brand. The Abercrombie outlet would provide you with the best casual outfits. …

Long-Term Side Effects of Hair Removal Creams

Since ages, women have resorted to a variety of hair removal techniques so that they can flash their smooth shiny skin. Hair-free skin is considered as a basic necessity for attractiveness. And even today girls use all sorts of hair removing technology to control or remove the hair growth over their arms and legs. Conventional methods like waxing and shaving have got out of fashion and people do not have the patience to endure these time-consuming and painstaking processes. Busy lifestyle and working hours have forced women to settle in for the fastest and quickest beauty tips and tricks. And conventional hair removing practices like waxing is not always possible at home. It requires the help of a specialist and probably a visit to the nearby beauty clinic.

Nowadays, the most acclaimed solution for unwanted hair growth is laser surgery or use of hair removal products. Laser surgeries are expensive and people are wary of the potential side effects they can cause. Hence, the application of hair removal creams has come to become the only convenient option available. And the best part about this method is that it can be done by anyone at their homes. These products come with all the necessary instructions and all one has to do is to follow them step by step. However, the method exposes our skin to maximum amount of chemicals. These creams contain strong chemicals that penetrate into our skin. They enter the hair follicles and dislodge the hairs attached therein. The hairs are fairly strongly rooted in these follicles. Try removing a strand of hair on your arm of leg and the pain it causes amply proves this fact. So, you can imagine how strong the chemicals have to be to remove these hairs by disbanding its attachment with the root.

Immediate side effects of these creams can cause rashes on your skin which might take hours or even days to heal. If the cream is left for longer duration it can surely cause inflammation. One should always follow the instructions given carefully. The manufactures have written them as they know the amount of damage their chemicals can cause. So do not take them lightly at any cost.

Hair removing creams are based on strong alkaline chemicals. It works by destroying the protein compounds in the hair. In this process it also affects the adjoining skin cells. It also removes the coating of essential oils from our skin and thus making it dry and parched. These oils are secreted by the skin in order to protect the underlying tissues, epidermis and dermis from various bacteria and germs. Constant depletion of these natural ingredients can cause early damage to the skin cells. It also hastens the aging and wrinkling process.

Even after extensive studies and surveys, authorities claim these products as almost only 90 percent safe. However, experiences show that almost 40 percent of the women who use such creams suffer from immediate or long-term side effects. Hence, it is always advisable …

The Thong – The Only Thing That Touches Your Beach Body

The thong is one of the hottest articles of clothing that you can wear on a beach or anywhere else imaginable. Weaving a thong most likely means that the wearer is not only physically beautiful and also very confident with his or her body. Both men and women nowdays wear thongs although traditionally the thong is used by women to flaunt their forms.

These slim and sexy pieces of clothing are descended from one of the earliest forms of human clothing-the loincloth. And there are in fact many varieties of this wonder-wear around:

Traditional Thong- This kind of thong is certainly the most common and consist of a strip of fabric in varying widths on the rear of the garment connecting the front pouch to the waistband.

G-string-This style is made up of a string of fabric connecting the pouch and the waistband in the rear. It is also called the Rio thong.

V-string- This style is very similar to the g-string, it connects with a single string along the rear that separates into two strings just at or before the waistband or into a small triangle of fabric just above the buttocks.

Dance Belt- This is the thong that's used as an equivalent to the supporter for male athletes, most specifically in ballet. It's job is to protect and support the man in athletic activities without being seen through clothing like leotards.

Cheeky- This style covers a little more area but exposes the bottom part of the buttocks. Some function as bikini bottoms while the others use them as underwear.

It's clear that the thong has reached such meteoric proportions in popular culture. In almost every beach that you go to there are bound to be people in thongs. Getting one can really make you look sexy. …

The Difference In Bodybuilding For Women

When we think of bodybuilders, we often automatically think of men with large, sculpted muscles competing for titles. But when it comes to the sport of bodybuilding, women have taken a larger role than ever – working to build their own muscles and compete on the same level as the men. Subsequently, bodybuilding for women has become increasingly popular for participants and fans alike.

Bodybuilding is significantly easier for men than it is for women based on one simple fact; the hormone testosterone is responsible for the building of muscle in our bodies. And while both men and women have levels of testosterone in their bodies, men have significantly higher levels. Therefore, the ability to build muscle comes much easier to men. Bodybuilding for women can be more difficult but the results are just as spectacular.

Whether taking on the sport as a hobby or in order to participate in competition, bodybuilding for women can be a terrific way for women to achieve optimum fitness and nutrition. And for a gender that is often held to higher standards for physical appearance, bodybuilding allows women to revel in their physical power as well as their femininity.

Bodybuilding for women – just like bodybuilding for men – requires a strong commitment to diet and exercise. For most women this means a weekly workout routine that combats cardiovascular exercise, core work, and weight training. But, unfortunately, when it comes to this sport some women, in an effort to increase the levels of testosterone in their body and so increase their ability to build muscle, it will turn to anabolic steroids to enhance their performance. The effects of steroid use can be disrupted on many levels and result in a bevy of physical repercussions – including hair loss, acne, muscle weakness, high blood pressure, and, in some cases, the taking on male sexual characteristics.

Another thing to keep in mind when it comes to bodybuilding for women is that intestinal workouts and dieting will significantly reduce the body fat percentage in a woman's body. While this can be beneficial to a certain extent, body fat should ordinarily be kept at balanced levels in order to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Dangerously low body fat can result in a loss of the menstrual cycle and a number of physical manifestations.

Bodybuilding for women – done safely – can result in beautifully sculpted muscles and overall physical health – a fantastic reward for hard work and sacrifice. …

Here's Your Spring Guide To Recession Wear Or Crashin 'Fashion 2009

Because the fashion world functions on the same sort of timeline as automobile makers. Today's clothing collections were designed many months ago … long before it became clear that the "economic downturn" was actually the start of a real recession.

Clearly, Saks believe the Kiton line has a place in the wardrobe of solvent clients who are being buffed in this recession storm.

Kiton employs 330 tailors and produces only a few thousand pieces a year. Now apparently the Kiton jacket – which takes twenty five hours to make – fits like a second skin. It's light, extremely comfortable, and absolutely made for travel. In fact, they claim it can be crushed into the crevice of an airline seat for a long flight … and at the end of the trip, your jacket will magically be wrinkle-free. And the price for such incredible "convenience"? More than $ 7,000 for an off-the-rack suit … and as much as $ 21,025 for the made-to-order version.

When the 2009 collections were marched out onto the runways of Italy, many designers were parading three-piece suits. Yet that simple vest can add an extra $ 150 to $ 300 to the price of the suit, hardly a "recession-friendly" styling choice.

How do I update my wardrobe without splurging?

This spring, in both men's and women's fashions, we'll be seeing lots of colors. According to Women's Wear Daily, clothing buyers last fall were snapping up bright colors and bold prints to enliven our closets, and hopefully their own markets, for the Spring fashion season. (And these buyers are promising us more than just your basic black for the Fall line-up, as well.)

In the meantime … few of us can afford "excessive" shopping. So what's the solution for anyone having to economize on their wardrobe?

Here's how you do it!

Step 1: Find out which colors are best for you. (I have a few tips below to help you with this.)

Step 2: Freshen up the look of your suits with some of the bright colors available this Spring. For example, get a bright new blouse or shirt, to announce that Spring is finally here. But … it's got to be a YOU color. Make sure it's a color that enhances your skin tone, eyes and hair. That way, you'll wear it long after this year because, for you, it will not be "last year's color", it will be a "forever color". Men can accessorize with matching colorful ties, and women with matching colored beads or scarves.

Step 3: If you must buy a new suit, choose a conservative style in your best neutral color, and simply "brighten it up" as indicated above. Depending on the situation, you may want to wear a neutral shirt or blouse … and pick up some vibrant color in your accessories only.

Here's how to discover your best colors by doing a basic color analysis. Stand in front of a mirror, and drape yourself first with a gold, and then …

The Proper Etiquette On What Kind Of Clothing To Wear When You Are Traveling In Costa Rica

In many foreign countries it is frowned upon to walk around exposing all kinds of skin like we do in the states. For example just because Costa Rica has a tropical and temperate climate does not mean you should walk around towns in your bikini, likewise even though they have been blessed by Mother Nature with abundant tropical jungles and fertile rainforests that does not pretend that men should dress like Tarzan, even if they have the body for it.

This is not to say that when you are in Costa Rica that you have to wrap yourself up. Even if clothing as a whole is determined by a society's cultural scene, its climate, and the manner its citizens live, Costa Rican clothing does not differ a great deal from any other Central or South American countries. All the same, in Costa Rica clothing has two main types. First you have the traditional Costa Rican clothing that is worn to symbolize the country's culture. This is also considered as their national costume and can be seen being donned by locals for folkloric presentations. The Costa Rican men however, are still seen wearing these traditional styles when working in the fields. The women typically never wear these costumes outside of the folkloric presentations. Their traditional dresses are defined by a long tiered skirt, full of colors and embellished with ribbons. The blouses are sleeveless but have wide ruffles at the neck that fall past the shoulders. Their hair is usually held back in a bun and a flower, generally Guaria Morada (the national flower), is inserted behind one ear.

Another type of clothing that is commonly worn in Costa Rica is contemporary clothing. This means the daily apparel that the Costa Ricans wear. Although the sun shines practically everyday of the year, shorts are typically not satisfactory outside of the beach resorts. If you're visiting you probably do not care, but Ticos which is what Costa Rican locals call themselves, leave them shorts for beach wear.

Ticos tend to dress very conservatively. So the most common thing you'd see them wearing around town are long pants and shirts. Mostof the citizenry wear long sleeves or jackets over their shirts as weather has sometimes become unpredictable bringing short rains in some afternoons. Men may sometimes be seen in knee-length shorts though, but again, shorter running shorts and surf shorts are saved for the beach. Dresses are worn on special occasions and are done so by the elderly people. Costa Rican clothing is also inexpensive, particularly the underwear and while the malls and shopping centers offer good deals, you will find the best bargains in downtown San Jose. …

How to Approach Women and Convey Phenomenal Sex Appeal

Most men are downright horrible at approaching women. This is usually because their anxiety kicks in and they get "inside their head" too much. If you really want to approach women successfully you are going to want to read this.

1. Let the Man Out

First of all, you need to come into contact with your true self. And that true self is the masculine man that is under all of that social conditioning. You see, women know why you are approaching them. They know that 9 times out of 10 it is not because you just want a "friend".

They appreciate a guy who has the guts to approach them and be who he really is … a man. In other words, do not be ashamed to get sexual.

2. Be Present

Your mind plays a lot of games with you. Most of the time your actions are based on avoiding pain rather than going after pleasure. You need to work on shutting off your mind when you approach women. Otherwise, the entire interaction will seem unnatural to the both of you.

Being present is all about letting go of any attachment to the outcome. Just let it be and have fun.

3. Make them React to You

Attraction is a mix of being a high value man and inspiring tons of emotions within the women. In other words you need to take her on an emotional rollercoaster.

In order to do this, you need to be proactive. You should be the one that is causing the reactions rather than being the one to react.

A reaction is an emotion. The more emotions … the more attraction. …

How to Get a Women to Notice You

There she is, looking regal … and there you are, standing, mouth agape open, loss for words. As she approach you, your heart in your throat, your tongue dry and when she said "Hi!" you realized, it was not you she was looking at, it was that guy sitting at that corner of the office cafeteria.

And so you realized, you were making a total fool of yourself for nothing. You were nervous for nothing. Do not go on wondering if you were born in Jupiter and you can not decipher how you can not seem to get her to notice you or putting it plainly, how to get a girl to notice you. You just have to re-assess some of your "packaging" to be able to get that second look from her. After all, you do not spend hours on the gym for nothing. You need to know how to meet women, then learn how to attract the women and later on learn the basics on how to get that girl to like you.

It's high time you start assessing your fashion statement. Definitely, you will get that girl to notice you if you are looking like a space alien with your mismatched socks and necktie that seem to shout orange! But you do not want that kind of attention from that regal lady. You have to look into her fashion sense in order for you to get noticed. When you are finally successful in holding his positive attention to you, that will be the only time you will have the courage to approach her. So, in order for you to get to the next hierarchy on how to pick up the fairer sex, you must first learn how to approach women.

If she is the kind of person who dresses like she's a lawyer from New York, then start asking yourself if you are that sort of person that will be informed by a lady lawyer. Take note of the pinstriped ensemble that she wear. Women who project a business-like appearance may or may not have a different personality after office hours. But it is safer to start with what you see that she projects for now. You can explore with what she really is later when you've succeeded past the I-am-John-Doe stage.

Keep in mind the adage "If we like ourselves, we will like people who are basically like us." If she projects a business-like stature, you better project the same to earn that second look you want from that lady. You do not need to overhaul your closet, just some minor corrections maybe needed.

A woman that is like the Ice Princess maybe attracted to a person who exudes the same strong personality. Take stock of your pants. Are they ironed well? Does your socks match the color of your pants? Hey, remember, dark pants, dark socks. Without you want her to think that you will be dancing the "Thriller" of Michael Jackson, never do white …