Clothing Display Merchandising Solution

Most merchandising solutions for clothes and shoes available in Malaysia are either too expensive, impractical or too old-fashioned. The conventional retail design racks and shelves we can usually find in a furniture store also requires a lot of space. Here’s what you do if you are looking for a good merchandising solution for your clothing business.

First, you need something that won’t ruin or crumple the clothes on display. Clothes with crease and wrinkles don’t attract customers. The more organized, the more attractive they are, the better selling they become, this is a rule of thumb that most retail businesses live by and one that you should remember too. One of the things that fashion store owners need a merchandising solution that they can use to organize all their clothes by style and season. This makes the shopping experience more enjoyable for their customers.

Another important factor that business owners always remember when looking around for a merchandising solution is that the display should always be free to move around with. Most of the time, this means that a display rack with wheels is what is needed. But that is not the only option. Let’s take a look at some wall-mounted display that comes with different types of hooks like ball hooks, shelves with hooks, zig-zag hooks or mini shelves which can be attached and detached as and when needed. Because of the ease of use and easy maneuverability of the said merchandising solution, it tends to last for a longer period.

I might want to add that wall-mounted display displays saves space – space is precious to a retail outlet because customers will find it incredibly difficult to have a fun shopping experience in a cluttered shop with little leg room to maneuver themselves in. If of good quality, the said wall-mounted shelving system will last a long time to come, which is, to a business like yours, spells savings in the long run.

The merchandising solution that you finally decide on should have configurable and compatible accessories to choose from. Trust me, you will not find it fun to discover that you need to replace the accessories only to find out that the special one-time-only hooks are no longer being manufactured – one whole display rack gone to waste.…

10 Reasons Why Quality Workwear Clothing Could Be Worth the Investment

If your business requires new workwear, you may be considering a wide range of suppliers to buy from. Here are 10 reasons why opting for a supplier that specializes in high quality workwear clothing could be a worthy investment.

1. Quality clothing will include all the necessary safety features to ensure your team are protected against all the hazards they may encounter through their work.

2. Quality workwear clothing also provides improved practicality, allowing your employees to perform their jobs to a higher standard.

3. Staff will also remain warm and dry, no matter the conditions they work in, which means high levels of performance can be maintained.

4. Quality items, including waterproof and high visibility clothing, will be better protection for your employees' own clothes that are being worn underneath their new workwear

5. If you choose a supplier that specializes in the very best standard of workwear, they will often be able to provide industry- or job-specific clothing, designed to produce the best results.

6. The best quality items will also provide your team with greater comfort, which could improve morale and allow them to perform at the highest level.

7. Another benefit of quality is that your team will also have a better appearance. This could help the company to make a better first impression on the people they meet.

8. By providing your team with the best clothes, they will feel invested in and taken care of – two major factors in boosting morale.

9. It could also improve brand awareness, especially if the clothing is branded, and provide the company with an improved profile in the sector.

10. Because quality work clothing will last longer than cheaper alternatives, they are likely to be the best choice for the company from a financial standpoint. …

What Women Look For in Men

We've come a long way from the time when survival of the species is a primary concern and women choose men based on their good genes and ability to protect them and their off springs. Or have we?

Although women no longer have to depend on men for survival, the qualities that the modern woman looks for in men remain the same. Unconsciously, we are still evaluated based on qualities that determine how well we can ensure the physical survival of our family.

This information is vital when you want to guarantee making a positive first impression. The first few seconds when we approach a woman and make our introduction is all that is needed for women to make a quick assessment of our sexual attractiveness.

Here's a list of what women look for in men and how we can use this to our advantage:

o Physical attractiveness
This signals to the woman that the man has good genes. While we can not change our appearance, or at least not very easily, there are a lot of ways to make improvements in this area. Wear appropriate clothing. Invest in a pair of good shoes. Observe good personal hygiene. Have a favorite hair stylist to help you create your look. If you look comfortable and well put together, you'll nail this part very easily.

o Youth and vitality
This tells the woman that the man is likely to live long enough to protect her and their family. She's going to be looking at how energetic and lively you are. Subconsciously, she's going to be looking at whether your skin and hair are glowing or if your eyes are bright or if your muscles are toned. My advice here? Exercise. It's good for your health and for getting the girls.

o Wealth
This signals to the woman that you have enough resources to ensure your family's survival. Do not worry, she's not going to ask you for your bank book just yet. What she will do is watch out for signs that you possess adequate resources that can support a family. It's always a good idea to wear a nice timepiece and a pair of good shoes when going out because they make you appear. When you're in a club, buying her a drink is also a way for you to subconsciously communicate this quality.

o Confidence
This sends a signal to the woman that you are in the upper tier of your class. Women find confidence extremely attractive because it shows that a man has a lot of strong qualities overall and this makes him a man that other men respect and that other women want to have. We have to remember that while men compete for the sexiest and most attractive women, women are likewise in competition for the top male. Make sure you exhibit confident top male body language whenever you are interacting with your target woman.

o Social Influence
Women evaluate social influence by how popular the man …

Sexy Corsets For Fun And Appeal At The Right Time

For centuries, fashion has had a great influence on people. You would observe that most of the trends that are typical of the fashion world are specific to women. Naturally, women have a sensual appeal, but when they choose to wear some clothing like the sexy corsets, they tend to create an aura of personal ego that tell them that they are really looking their best.

However, the vital point to note is that there seems to be some suitable times that sexy corsets could be worn. Here are some important considerations for women.

Ordinarily, your bedroom would be the first thing in your mind. That's quite alright. Being decked with sexy corsets for love and romance is a welcome idea to most people. You can use baubles and bows, satin and lace, and hot gowns. Apart from your bedroom, it might surprise you to know that there are other places where you can appear in your lingerie and feel deeply sexy and feminine.

What of the Halloween? It may sound strange. At Halloween, many folks are often crazy or wild about costumes. People go for fun and enjoyment of their time. Do you know that sexy corsets can serve as a part of a masquerade dress-up costume, even though the clothing is not necessarily meant for such kind of holiday? It is all about being stylishly daring.

Furthermore, a renaissance fair is usually lived with bawdy wenches. They would be dressed in a similar costume, and the use of sexy corsets will be prominent as they are proudly shown off in the fair. It is this fashion that brings glamor to the whole proceedings. You will definitely find the fairs interesting to you.

Furthermore, it may be appealing to you to wear your sexy corsets to a concert or a sort of Victorian Ball. Here, the sense of opulent fashion carefully comes into play. The Victorian approach will be sufficient ideal for any occasion that has some added flair.

Moreover, there are times when a woman likes to feel attractive with good self-esteem and confidence in her femininity. She may want feel great while at work or at home. So, she can wear attractive underwear that will feed her feminine ego. It is believed that if such a woman feels attractive in her mind, she will display the inward serenity in her appearance. She will feel good about herself as the underwear will boost her morale for her every day life wherever she may be at that point in time.

In all, the use of sexy corsets goes beyond the idea of ​​Rocky Horror picture show. You can use them for everyday life – for covert or overt dressing, or for fun. They should be part of the fashion collections in the wardrobe of every lady. …

Molescum – Molluscum Contagiosum

Molescum – also known as Molluscum Contagiosum, or simply Molescum – is a viral infection of the skin. Molescum is actually pretty much harmless but poses a significant inconvenience for anyone who becomes infected with the virus. Molluscum Contagiosum in children is where it is most commonly seen. However, adults can and do become infected. Individuals with compromised immune systems are most likely to be easily infected. Even healthy persons, however, are vulnerable to molescum because it is such a highly contagious virus.

Molescum spreads easily through skin to skin contact, contact with infected substances such as towels and clothing and often through sexual contact. The actual condition Molescum causes is a patch of Molluscum Contagiosum warts that are nothing more than pimples to the eye. They do not hurt or itch but they can take very long to go away. In fact, Molescum resolves itself naturally in a healthy human but the amount of time it takes (up to a year!) Causes many people to seek treatment.

Molluscum contagiosum treatment commonly involves topical creams, surgical extraction of the molluscum lesions and even something as far-out as using the juice from a particular type of beetle to dissipate the warts. Surgical removal is generally quick and easy and if done well, leaves no scarring. This is a fantastic option because while creams can work in time, molescum spreads very easily to healthy skin on the same person. Molescum spreads especially well on wet skin. The main reason to get rid of Molescum is to prevent spreading it to others and also for cosmetic reasons. The molluscum warts are rather unsightly, particularly if they occur around or on the face or genitals.

Another treatment option for molescum sufferers is to have their molluscum warts frozen off. This process is only slightly painful and sees decent results. Children, in particular, should be treated as soon as a molescum diagnosis is confirmed because of their gregarious nature. Spreading mollescum to others is almost guaranteed among kids! For individual molluscum warts, you can remove them yourself at home. All you need to do is sterilize a needle and pierce the skin on top of the pimple.

Then you will need to widen the opening and squeeze out the little white ball. The white ball is actually the virus, which is hidden in this ball in such an ingenious way, that it takes the human immune system such a long time to indentify and combat it. Once you've removed the virus ball, apply antiseptic to the small wound and allow it to heal. Voila!

For more involved cases of molescum consulting with a dermatologist is wise. …

Penis Bruising – Ten Common Causes

Bruises on the penis can be alarming, especially when they are accompanied by pain or other unpleasant symptoms. Most bruises on penis skin are not serious and are not likely to cause long-term problems, but in some cases, prompt medical attention is required. Being aware of what causes bruising and taking adequate care of the penis may help to prevent long-term consequences from penis injury. Ten of the most common causes of bruising on the penis are described here.

1. Trauma to the penis– Any type of trauma, or sudden injury, to the penis may cause bruising, which is characterized by discoloration of the skin, soreness, and in some cases, inflammation. Bruises may have a dark, purplish appearance which typically fades to brown, then yellow before disappearing completely.

2. Fractures– Unfortunately, the penis really can be fractured; this occurs when the erectile tissue in the penis is ruptured, usually during sexual activity where the partner is on top. Men who hear a loud popping sound in the penis should seek emergency medical attention, especially if it is accompanied by severe pain.

3. Injection of drugs– Injecting drugs into the penis – whether for treating erectile issues or for other reasons – can result in bruising and soreness around the injection site. Men are strongly cautioned not to inject any substances into the penis except on the specific advice of a qualified physician, as this can result in long-term or severe injury.

4. Entrapment in clothing– While no one wants to think about it, it happens from time to time – a bit of skin on the penis gets caught on a zipper. Whether or not the skin is broken, some bruising may occur around the site of the injury.

5. Priapism– Priapism is a medical condition in which an erection occurs that lasts for more than four hours – usually unrelated to sexual stimulation. Bruising of the skin may occur at the same time. Men who experience priapism should be treated immediately in emergency care in order to prevent long-term injury or loss of function.

6. Circumcision– Ablation of the penile foreskin can cause bruising, bleeding and scabbing in the affected area following this common surgical procedure. After circumcision, the directions of a doctor on caring for the area should be followed specifically.

7. Masturbation– Aggressive masturbation, especially without the benefit of a lubricant, can damage the blood vessels under the surface of the penis skin and lead to bruising and soreness.

8. Thrombosed lymphatic vessel – Lymphatic vessels can be found all over the body – they are responsible for delivering lymphatic fluid. Masturbation, sex, and the use of erectile enhancement devices such as vacuum pumps can lead to bruising of this tissue.

9. Sexual intercourse– As with masturbation, partner activity can lead to friction and bruising; penile fractures accompanied by bruising may also result from rough intercourse.

10.Hematoma– A hematoma refers simply to the accumulation of blood outside …

What Does Telogen Effluvium (TE) Hair Loss Look Like? I’ll Tell You

Over the weekend, I received an email from a woman who asked me “what, exactly, does TE or telogen effluvium look like?”  I wrote back and asked her for a bit of clarification, but she meant what I thought and assumed that she had meant.  Basically, she wanted to know what the hair of a person with TE will look like and if there is any pattern or appearance to the hair or scalp that would indicate that the shedding or hair loss is due to TE rather than something else.  I will discuss these things in the following article.

How Does Hair That Is Shedding Due To Telogen Effluvium Look?: Sometimes, there are changes in hair texture before the shedding actually starts.  That’s because the effected hair moves into the resting stage and these strands are no longer deeply embedded in the scalp or being properly nourished.  So, the result is flyaway or unruly hair that doesn’t quite lay down flat.

Once the shedding actually starts, you may not notice any changes of volume or any thinning spots at first.  Most people begin with much more hair than they think, so it takes a certain period of shedding before the changes are noticeable to others.  You may see spent or falling hair sort of hanging down at the ends and friends, coworkers, or complete strangers will pluck hair from your clothing (which can be quite embarrassing.) You may also see that your scalp is pink or red because so many follicles are being affected at once. 

After a while, you might start to see some thinning in areas that aren’t quite as thick to begin with like the bangs, temples, or crown.  Now, some people will panic and think that they have AGA or androgenic alopecia, but this isn’t always the case.  Often those areas have less hair to begin with so they are going to thin out more quickly than other areas.  However, generally speaking (although there are very commonly exceptions,) people will TE will generally have overall or diffuse shedding and loss, while people with genetic loss will have patterned loss that is mostly limited to the top, temples, and crown.

Over time, it can be harder and harder to tell the difference between TE and AGA just by looking at the hair and scalp.  Because prolonged shedding is going to thin out your hair even if you’re regrowing quite steadily.  Now, with telogen effluvium, the quality and quantity of your regrowth should not be adversely affected, unless you have some inflammation issues.  So, the regrowth that you do have should be relatively healthy and thick.  However, because something is making your hair continue to cycle through the resting phase, your regrowth may not have the impact that you might have hoped because the growth just can not keep up with the loss.

What’s The Deal With The White Bulb? Does The White Bulb Mean That I Definitely Have Telogen Effluvium?: I’m asked the question so often. People really want the reassurance …

Children's Clothing – A New Trend in Modern Society

Modern society revolves around concepts such as beauty and originality, ideas that have been embroidered and implemented by fashion designers worldwide. Undoubtedly, fashion has always been a powerful means of expression, as the way we dress reflects our cultural provenience, mentality, personality, and even our feelings. In addition, fashion has the great merit of combining practicality with aesthetics, and could be perceived as "a pragmatic form of art". Being influenced by many different cultural and social factors and permanently adapting to the needs and requirements of a continuously developing society, fashion has suffered a lot of radical changes over the course of time. During its ongoing process of evolution, it has generated many different styles and trends, revealing traits characteristic to each distinct generation.

Since the fact that it has created many tendencies and has evolved continuously in conformity with the society's ideals and needs, fashion has only recently begun to pay equal attention to all categories of age. Although they were generally neglected in the past by clothing manufacturers, children nowdays form an important segment of clients in the fashion industry, enjoying an extensive and diverse range of clothing appropriate for their age. The children's clothing industry has only recently begun to achieve a good exposure and popularity, gaining a lot of ground over the past few years.

As the children's clothing industry was growing in popularity, more and more fashion designers decided to focus their work exclusively on designing clothes for young children and babies. Soon, the offer became more and more diversified, children's clothes gaining a lot in aspect and originality. Supermarkets and clothing stores began to fill up with ingenious and colorful clothing articles for children, lots of shops even specializing in exclusively selling children's clothes. In contrast to yesterday's children's clothes – poorly designed and, let's face it, quite dull – today's children's clothes are ingenious and appealing, stimulating their imagination and building their sense of aesthetics and beauty. Ranging from little boys 'suits and little girls' accessorized dresses to cartoon-character costumes and even superhero outfits, children's clothes are nowdays created to adequately satisfy the needs and desires of the very young.

Visibly enjoying "the attention" granted to them by the fashion industry, lots of children nowdays spend more and more time looking for the most interesting and imaginative clothing items they can find. Mesmerized by so many clothing models, designs and colors, many children can seriously decide upon a single item in particular! As soon as they step inside children's clothing stores, children are immersed in a colorful and magnificent world, similar to the world created by toy stores. Funnily, lots of today's children equally enjoy paying visits to both children's clothing stores and toy stores – fact that reveals the young generations' interest towards clothes, and thus their inclining towards originality, aesthetics and sense of beauty.

Seen through the perspective of their prices in general, children's clothes have laately become increasingly more affordable. While a few years ago parents had to spend a …

Patterns on the Japanese Kimono Dress

When it comes to clothing it always somehow reflects the time and mood and even emotions of the wearer and the designer. This is why there are seasonal clothes that not only have the best seasonal fabrics and materials but they also have the right colors and designs for the specific seasons. Clothes are an expression of who we are and it is a representation of what our likes and dislikes are. Seasonal changes affect our clothes just as much as emotional preferences. Some day you might be feeling bright and sunny and would wish to wear something flowery while other times you might be looking for something more plain. This is the same thing with the amazing Japanese kimono dress designs.

Since so many kimono style dress designs are really in these days and many designers have designed some amazing outfits in that influence, it is a good idea to learn a bit more about kimono dresses and see what exactly the patterns on the Japanese kimonos represent. When it comes to patterns in the kimono, they are pretty much dependent on the seasonal changes. They are designed in a way that the design reflects the different seasons and the clothing actually compliments it. Bright ad vibrant colors for the spring along with some floral patterns are the reflection of the warm and sunny weather. The fall designs on the other hand are completely different and have those typical autumn colors like russet. For winter they have designs including pine trees, bamboo and plum blossoms which are known to bring luck in the winter season and reflect the cold weather.

The Japanese culture dictates that if clothes are worn according to season they will bring good luck and lots of prosperity to the wearer. This is why they make it a point to keep the spring clothes ready when winter is fading away and then keep the fall clothes handy when the season begins to show change. Patterns in the kimono designs also change due to the level of formality of a certain event. Some design features represent less formality and others reflect very formal attire. Usually it is the woven patterns and dyed repetitive patterns that are meant for the informal and casual events and for everyday use. For something more formal which is worn at special occasions, the design become more free style and are present along the hem or even on the entire kimono surface.

Historically multiple layers of kimono clothing were worn which created an effect of color and vibrancy and sometimes they would even wear up to twelve kimonos in different colors! Although that would give the layering effect, after a while it became usual to simple wear the kimono along with an undergarment of sorts known as the juban which is like a slip worn inside the actual kimono. Another part of the kimono pattern is the varying length of the sleeves for women that specify whether a woman is unmarried or married. …

Testosterone Based Fashion Mistakes – Jeans

Jeans define you. Who you are. Where you live. What you ate this morning. How you got to work. Your marital status. The lot. I can sense you rolling those eyes of yours like a slot machine, but don’t gamble just yet. Jeans give you your texture, your personal touch and, in rare yet pleasurable occurrences, can make women want to grope your ass. As such it is imperative that you find the right jeans for you by any means necessary – I’m talking save, loan, bribe and steal – no scrap the last one, advocating theft would tarnish my squeaky clean reputation.

As you can imagine finding the right jeans for each prototype is no easy task. Shopping for all clothing requires certain guidelines or at least principles to point you in the right direction. Some might say these would centre on your butt – the sun to our denim solar system, but the connoisseurs of the fashion factories would tell you that it revolves around meeting requirements in terms of fit and style. I’m sure you are aware of friends and strangers who fall into the trap of buying and, furthermore, brandishing the oh so generic ‘regular’ jeans with the standard plain blue wash (no fade) and common brown stitching. This ‘regular’ variety qualifies supremely in the fit category but why leave style to rot when you can satisfy both, like a threesome? Of course the fit is important but in all honesty I would favour a fashionable pair over a tailored yet not so sexy mistake.

You must learn to make jeans your own. The reason why there is margin for error on the measurement side of things is because there is no set way in which you must wear them; the same jeans worn loose can accentuate the curves the tight fit suppresses. This can be favourable or detrimental depending on the style you are sponsoring. Unless you are investing in pitch black jeans I would advise you look for a pair with something different and original about them. This would ideally begin with the wash. At minimum a slight fade from the sides to the front is a must. It adds definition and emphasises the unique shape your body provides.

Avoid jeans with a wash that fades too much, akin to forming two different colours on the spectrum. This look is popular in Africa and abroad but it makes you look like a relatively recent acquisition for the homeland. Ripped jeans are cool within reason and different stitching can most definitely add a lot of charisma to an otherwise characterless pair. Don’t fold them up. Find the right size or one you can work with, but the good old fold-and-behold technique is no longer viable in the vogue of today. Generally blue, jeans and their greenish variations are casual wear, white jeans are loud and flashy, black is suave and slick.

Whichever jeans you do wear, remember that there is no ‘I’ in jeans. Your …