Caribbean Wedding – Music For Your Beach Wedding Ceremony

It is a question I get all the time and I am sure if you are planning to have your Caribbean wedding on the beach you may have the same question. "Do I need music for my beach wedding ceremony?"

And the answer is not as simple as you may think and usually as varied as the persons you ask.

Some persons feel that music will just distract from the natural charm that is created by the various sounds of nature – the wind blowing, the ocean waves cascading onto the beach and rocks, the singing of the birds and the blending of other surrounding noises. As these sounds are a part of what makes a tropical wedding on the beach romantic.

Others feel that the music will be overwhelmed by the surrounding noises. So having music would be pointless. Yet others feel that this can be overcome with the use of an amplifier and playing soft music through the amplifier would be great.

As you can see from the answers it really comes down to your personal preference and you can be as traditional or eclectic as you like.

Having officiated at wedding ceremony on the beach, I can assure you that I have seen and heard it all. Weddings with music and wedding ceremonies without music. And weddings with the guest singing or rolling bells while the bride and groom walk down the aisle.

However, I feel that your desire to have music or not depends on the length, size and style of your ceremony and the involvement of your guest. If you are planning on a larger, more formal ceremony then music would be expected. While smaller and informal ceremonies allows you more freedom.

While I like having traditional sounds of stringed music from a harp, violin or a guitar, there is nothing like the energy and aura of having a Caribbean Steel pan playing while your guest are being imprisoned and during your processional and recessional.

The Steel pan although Traditionally tied to the Carnival celebrations in Trinidad is played across the Caribbean and there are a variety of pans, playing a range of tones. Making the steel pan a versatile rhythm drum and the ideal instrument for providing the music for your beach wedding.