Capsule Wardrobes and Fighting Fashion Fatigue

In this era of career-driven busyness, with an array of options, decisions, and stress right at our fingertips, it’s easy to get lost in the mess of it all. Decisions are everywhere, and most people start their day with one that affects both their creativity and their confidence: what to wear. Fashion fatigue is a real thing and so many women are moving toward capsule wardrobes consisting of several staple pieces, items, and styles that are easily mixed, matched, and used again and again in order to fight off the dreaded Monday morning fashion show. Lucie Fink of Refinery29 recently did a video on this topic, which gives a great rundown of what it’s like to utilize a capsule wardrobe for a week.

When pulling together a few key pieces to use repeatedly, it’s important to mix old and new, classic with trendy, to maintain that fresh feeling. Confidence is so important and sticking to items that have a traditional base with a flair for the latest trends allows you to use and reuse your capsule wardrobe while treating the sidewalks like your personal catwalk. A summertime capsule wardrobe means more vibrant looks, so finding bright colors and simple prints and patterns in timeless pieces, such as shifts, pencil skirts, bateau cuts blouses, and classic dress shirts, ensure looks that will be versatile enough for the office and nights out on the town.

Building a capsule wardrobe is not just about the look and style of pieces but also the quality of the pieces you are buying. Designer labels may cost more, however, the quality of those items is something those brands stand behind. Look to department stores with great reputations, like New York icon Bloomingdales, that offer a wide array of top brands and designers for items in which you can invest. Don’t be afraid to utilize store website’s Trend tabs and Basics lists to narrow your search for the best staple pieces.

For Summer 2018, keep an eye out for solid colored pieces that will allow for easy color-blocking. A longer, A-line dress can be paired with a blazer and pumps for the office, and sandals and a cardigan for a breezy night out. Linen pants in a neutral color, and even boyfriend jeans, are as timeless as Jackie O and can be styled with nearly any type of blouse for a quick pairing. Maxi skirts are another wardrobe staple that fit and flatter any shape and size for a high fashion look. When deciding on tops, a classic white dress shirt will never go out of style, as well as boat neck cotton tops or a simple V-neck. Stick to simple pieces free of graphics to ensure you look your Audrey best.

While creating your own quasi-uniform capsule wardrobe may seem a little reminiscent of school-girl days, businessmen have been pulling off the repeat look for years. If suits can be worn every day with little to no variation, there is no reason to not have your own take on the everyday uniform, for both morning and night. Make an inspiration board, check out some department store Lookbooks and guides, and show off your trendy take on a simplified, classic wardrobe. It’s worth it to have one less decision to make in the morning.