Bridal Shower Ideas – Favors and Gifts

Bridal shower favors and gifts are few of the most loved items during bridal showers. They are both important as they carry special sentiments when given to people.

Bridal Shower Favors

Giving out bridal shower favors to the guests has been a traditional practice that symbolizes appreciation from the bride-to-be. A choice of party favor may be according to the theme of the shower, if there is. You can find different variety of such items both online and local party stores. Choices likeible treasures – chocolates, candies, mints, cookies and jams – personalized, unique and theme party favors have never been missing.

Favor, souvenir, memento, memorabilia whatever term you want to use, you can not just end your bridal shower without giving something that your guests will enjoy bringing home. You may consider Purse Bottle Stoppers Shower Favors, sure to make your guests grin! Half funky, half fancy, these bottle stoppers are very useful and just plain retro-fabulous. Each set contains four different hand painted purse designs and each purse arrives in a gift box that's almost as cute as the stopper itself (and that's saying a lot!).

Another great choice of souvenir for a bridal shower are these "Let's Celebrate!" Champagne Flute Gel Candle Shower Favors. What's a little champagne without candle light? Our Let's Celebrate! Champagne Flute Gel Candle Shower Favors – Set of 4 combines both for a romantic bridal shower favor that's perfect for any celebration. This champagne glass candles are an eye-catching wedding favor that has a glamorous look your guests will love.

Bridal Shower Gifts

When comes to bridal shower gifts, the first few that comes in your mind are kitchenwares for the bride-to-be and jewelry pieces and handbags for the bridesmaids. A bridal shower is thrown not only to provide a fun and enjoyable moment for the bride-to-be before she'll get married, but it is also a perfect time for the bride to present her gift of appreciation to her bridesmaids. Bridesmaids gifts such jewelry gifts, handbags, compact mirrors and party shirts are few of the most popular gift suggestions for your bridesmaids.

Consider this Bridesmaid Personalized Gingham Tote, a heartfelt gift with country cottage charm! Give give each bridesmaid this personalized gingham tote that is sure to capture a little bit of their childhood memories-their first hair ribbon and gingham dress. To make it more special, their names, initials or monograms can be embroidered on the bag!

Or, you may think about this timeless Cora CZ Necklace & Earring Set, a gift that sure to wow your bridesmaids! Futuristically formed. Strikingly simple. Polished to a high sparkle and shine – for you and your bridesmaids – this Cora CZ Necklace & Earring Set is an affordable new version of the classic diamond solitaire necklace.

Wonder where to find such great ideas for your bridal shower favors? Visit online to see those gorgeous items … plenty of things awaits you! With the help of the Internet, you can find almost everything you need to make your bridal shower as perfect as possible. From bridal shower favors, wedding shower gifts, bridal shower invitations, decorations to many more.