Beach Wedding Decorations – Tips For an Awesome Beach Wedding!

Decorating for your beach wedding can be a bit of a challenge. You already have the most stunning decoration of all – the lake or ocean. But here's some beach wedding decorations tips that will be helpful. The goal is to add to what is already there on the beach just enough to give it a wedding-feel without overtaking the natural beauty that surrounds you and your guests.

If you are actually getting married on the sand, you may want to create an "aisle" to walk down. Columns can be buried part way in the sand to ensure they do not fall over. Fabric to match the bride's dress or the wedding colors can be draped from column to column to create a whimsical aisle right on the sand.

Aisle runners are popular for church weddings but are definitely not recommended on the sand. One soft breeze off of the ocean and your aisle runner may attack an unsuspecting wedding guest!

Choose a color theme for your wedding that will not distract from nature. Bright colors are not right for the beach. A light teal, gold, peach, or soft pink will create a romantic feel without being overbearing. Everything about a beach wedding should be light and flowing.

Your beach wedding decorations can also be very minimalist. If you are having a party right out on the beach, you still have the ocean as your back drop and do not want to compete too much with that. Simple, light flowers are best – roses are a bit heavy for the beach.

You can decorate with seashells by filling glass bowls with the shells. It's simple and yet beautiful and nice light touch to your décor. Candles are definitely not an option for your beach wedding. Once again, ocean breezes are unpredictable and you do not want a disaster on your hands.

Use common sense when decorating on the beach. You may want to be in touch with city hall or the governing body for that particular beach to make sure you are not breaking any rules. You never know if there are rules about bringing seashells that are not from that beach, or what other rules might be on the books. It would be a tragedy to spend so much time preparing for your dream day only to find out the day of the wedding that your beach wedding decorations violate some kind of code.

In the end, the most important thing about decorating for your beach wedding is to enjoy the journey. There are so many options and decorating the beach is not something everyone gets to do. Have fun!