Attract and Seduce Hot, Amazingly Sexy Women Everyday – Approaching Without Rejection

The easiest way to approach beautiful girls without any risk
of rejection is through "non-verbal" ACTIONS. You see, a lot
of guys fail to make the right impression on a girl because
they try to SAY clever "pick-up" lines which always end up
sounding very un-original and stupid.

It is actually much, much easier to make your approach
"original" by DOING AN "ACT" which takes the girl by
surprise because girls do not usually expect guys to use this
unusual approach. This is one of my best kept secrets of
dating some of the most beautiful girls out there.

Now, let's dive straight into seeing how this method works
in actual real-life situations: we're going to check out a
couple of examples of "non-verbal" approaches (these are
approaches that I actually use myself, to date incredibly
beautiful women. It is important to make sure that the
"action" you're doing has a funny side to it. When you do
this, women respond very well because once they're laughing,
you're suddenly a guy who brings some fun and excitement
into their lives.

Okay, so let's imagine you're sitting in a coffee shop OR
restaurant OR bar with your friends having a drink … and
Across the room, you see an attractive girl you want to
seduce, and she's sitting with her friends. Here's what you
can do: you call the waiter over to your table, you grab a
napkin from the table or any scrap piece of paper … you draw a
game of X and O on the napkin and you write, "Hey, my
friends here just challenged me to play a game of X and O
with you. They're betting that you win. But I do not believe
that my title can be taken from me by a beautiful bombshell
like you. So I'm trying to defend my title. The loser buys
the winner a coffee! "

I especially love this approach because you could do this
even if the girl is 100 feet away from you. And if she takes
you up on the challenge, you can always walk over to her to
"claim your prize" and you could get her number at the end
of it.

This other example can be done in a nightclub or bar where
everyone is STANDING in little groups with their friends. It
is my favorite "approach" technique when I go to clubs and
it works so easily that I have NEVER experienced any
rejection … and I have been using it successfully for years!
Here's what I do: I'm in the club with my friends having a
drink by the bar. I see a girl I like standing or dancing
with her friends. I'll make eye contact and smile at her,
raising my glass to her. And if she smiles back, IT'S ON!

Then next I'll find a reason to walk slowly right past her
and her friends but I will not stop, I'll just smile and nod
slightly at her as I go past. You know why I do not stop to
talk to her at this stage? Well, women can sometimes play
hard to get by ignoring you, even if they're interested in
you … just because they do not want to appear too keen on you.
So I'll walk very close but NOT STOP so that just in case
she was going to go cold on me, she does not get the chance.
But because I'm smiling at her as I walk by, she'll be
HOPING I come back again. It heightens her ANTICIPATION!
"Will he, will not he?" She'll be left wondering. This type of
thing is very attractive to women.

So I'll go hang out at the other side of the club where she
will not be able to see me. Later, I'll come back but this time
as I go past, I'll suddenly stop, turn round and immediately
say "Hi." At this stage, she would have been taken "off-
guard "and she 'll respond well to your approach. Now, you've got it
just established that you're a fun, SPONTANEOUS kind of guy.
So if she turns out to be your type, you can keep chatting
and ever get her number.

You can adapt and tweak these approaches to suit any social
situation once you know the basics that I've explained here.
So go out and apply these principles to your interactions
with women and you'll be dating beautiful women everywhere
you go.